Need sweet handouts for your next corporate event, giveaway basket or as gifts for your employees? Cookies are the way to go. Our promotional cookie gift packages are useful, well-made and affordable. All you need to do is choose which one fits your own personal style. At Promotion Pros, we take pride in offering tons of choices - like our elegant chocolate covered Oreo gift box - to our customers, and our cookie collections are no exception. Whether you want a custom snack tin with mini chocolate chip cookie, an executive cookie box with logo or a custom promo pack bag with animal crackers, we've got it. 

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3 Treats Gable Box

From $5.57
Min Qty: 75
The 3 Treats Gable Box features generous filling of cookies or brownies and allows inserting custom details to Promote your Brand.

Snack Tin with Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie

From $22.74
Min Qty: 24
Our Snack Tin with Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies is 1 pound of delicious treats guaranteed to make your employees smile.

The Executive Cookie Box

From $11.52
Min Qty: 25
Our custom logo the executive cookie box is filled with large chocolate chip gourmet cookies.

Two-Dozen Home-Style Cookie & Brownie Basket

From $55.19
Min Qty: 8
Looking for a sweet way to show your gratitude? You've found the ultimate reward with a Two-Dozen Home-Style Cookie & Brownie Basket.

Ultimate Cookie & Brownie Towers

From $93.29
Min Qty: 6
Make this Ultimate Cookie & Brownie Towers a part of your holiday gifts or thank you giveaways for a memorable sweet reward.

Zaga Snack Wide Promo Pack Bag with Animal Crackers

From $0.97
Min Qty: 300
Our custom logo zaga snack wide promo pack bag is a 5" bag filled with animal crackers.

Elegant Chocolate Covered Oreo Gift Box

From $10.23
Min Qty: 125
This elegant Chocolate Covered Oreo Gift Box contains six Oreo cookies and is made fresh when you order.

One Gallon Tin Chocolate Chip Cookies

From $25.00
Min Qty: 25
Our One Gallon Tin features four attractive tin designs and allows inserting custom details for Brand Recognition.

Thank You Cube Cookie Tower

From $19.04
Min Qty: 25
The Thank Cube Cookie Tower features cookies and nuts, Customizable with your brand logo and message.

The Gala Box Cookies

From $4.75
Min Qty: 50
Our The Gala Box features attractive glossy exterior and makes an interesting choice for Promotional Giveaways.

The Royal Tin Cookies

From $18.33
Min Qty: 25
The Royal Tin features generously filled food treats and allows customizing the box for corporate gifts and promotional giveaways.