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Terms of Use



In placing an order with Promotion Pros LLC either an individual(s) and /or organization(s) (the “Customer”) hereby verify that they have obtained all the necessary authority for Promotion Pros LLC (the “Vendor”) to produce promotional merchandise using the branding submitted via digital upload, email or any other means on the promotional products ordered.

In the event any claim and/or lawsuit is made against Vendor, its members, managers, agents, employees, servants, or insurers (the “Vendor Parties”) as the result of use of such branding, the customer, and each of them, jointly and severally, agree to indemnify and hold the Vendor Parties harmless against all claims, demands, costs and expenses of every kind and nature, including reasonable attorneys' fees for the defense thereof. In case any such action is brought against the Vendor Parties, the customer, and each of them, jointly and severally, covenant to defend such action at their sole cost and expense by legal counsel reasonably satisfactory to Vendor.

I have fully read and understand the consequences of the above and acknowledge placing the order is my own free will.