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2018 Trade Show Necessities

With a new year comes new products, and with new products come trade shows! At Promotion Pros, we love trade shows and expos – we attend as many as we can to ensure that we’re bringing the newest and best quality products to our customers. We also go above and beyond to make sure that the companies and businesses we tend to have all the trade show necessities they need to have successful exhibitions themselves! Our website is fully stocked with great products, including tents, table covers, and feather flags to help you stand out from the crowd at these events.

Booth Set Up

In addition to booth necessities, we also carry a huge number of giveaways that can be fully customized with your company logo and handed out as freebies at trade shows, to ensure you stay on your customer’s mind, long after the show is over. We've dropped three budget friendly & popular ones right below!

Can Coolers - Priced as low as 51¢ each!

Can Cooler

Tote Bag - Priced as low as 91¢ each!

Tote Bags

Coffee Mugs - Priced as low as $2.43 each!

Coffee Mug

Check out all these great products on our website in our Trade Shows tab!

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