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This Year's Hottest Giveaway Trends

Sometimes, promotions involve giveaways. This year, we’ve seen a ton of awesome hand-out ideas, spanning across practical sportswear to day-to-day office supplies. If you want to make a great impression, you’ll need to be smart. Check out this year’s hottest giveaway trends, and outfit your PR strategy with awesome, out-of-the-box giveaways.


Giveaway One: Custom-Etched Copper Tankard Mugs


Beer and wine glasses have risen in popularity due to the upsurge in breweries and microbreweries. Ironically, the most popular drinkware options around are copper plated tankard mugs. The Moscow Mule, among similar drinks, have become hip choices among Millennials and of-age workers who love attending event markets. Embroider your brand’s logo, and give your attendees some relief with an awesome drinking takeaway.





Giveaway Two: Virtual Reality Glasses


Google Cardboard is popular, and it’s spawned a generation of VR-lovers. You won’t need to break your bank to gift VR goggles, either, as most can be purchased for under five dollars. Show off your brand’s tech-savvy side, and link your smartphone-enabled fans to your brand’s latest, greatest online videos. The Folding Virtual Reality Glasses help to experience VR in 3D.  Immersion is in, and most smartphones support 3D, 360-degree views.




Giveaway Three: Flashlights


Portable flashlights have ramped up in popularity, recently. Mini flashlights with brand logos, in fact, have become modern event marketing staples. You have a range of styles to choose from, too, spanning across waterproof options and LED security lights. Maglites, in particular, make awesome additions—due to their incredible power relative to their size.




Giveaway Four: Bluetooth Speakers


You’d be surprised how many event-goers secretly hope for intuitive sound solutions. Bluetooth mini-boom speakers are surprisingly cheap, and they’re incredible bag-stuffers which you can use to supercharge your giveaways. Bluetooth speakers are often small, but they pack a punch, sound-wise. Really, they’re the perfect addition to your marketing plan—as they’ll represent your brand’s attention to detail while highlighting its tech-savviness.




Giveaway Five: Laptop Bags


In 2017, entrepreneurship is at an all-time high. Digital workers love their laptops, and they’ll love you for supplying trendy bags to carry them in. If you can support your event-goer’s endless need to travel, do digital work, answer emails and stay updated with social media—you’re in. Check out these awesome laptop bags, and get your brand-lovers talking with high-quality fashion accessories.






Giveaway Six: Wireless Earbuds


Since the iPhone 7’s release, wireless earbuds are in. They’re convenient, and they can be gifted in colorful varying cases. Wireless earbuds also reflect a brand’s high-tech side, and they’re perfect for tradeshows, travel events or even day-to-day use. iPhone 7 users, in particular, can listen to their music while charging their phone—which is an added bonus.


A lot of today’s event giveaway items are portable. They’re also conducive to our ever-increasing world of digital professionalism. If you want to add an extra bang, consider gifting items which can be used during the event. Travel bags, here, are awesome choices. If you can conclude your event with a relevant, useful item, your brand will thrive. Every year, the world of event marketing changes. Even if your brand promotes indirectly—or if it uses small pop-up shops to engage visitors—you can still benefit with great item giveaways.


Check out Promotion Pros, and take advantage of a great supply of products costing less than a dollar. You might be surprised at how economical giving away free things can be.


These are "Totes" Awesome

In the United States, more than 20 states have a ban on using plastic grocery bags.  So, it’s no surprise why the new trend is to bring your own, reusable bags when grocery shopping.  Not only are you helping to save the environment (have you seen the video how plastic bags affect marine life?), but you are also saving yourself space in your home with the inevitable assemblage of plastic grocery bags that everyone starts collecting.  Why not get on this reusable bag trending train and start handing out branded grocery totes?  These are not only a useful giveaway, but you can ensure brand visibility while doing your part to help with the environment.

Here at Promotion Pros we have a variety of tote bags.  One of our most basic shopping tote bags would be the Non-Woven Budget Shopper Tote Bag.  You can print your logo in one or two colors in a large imprint area.  It is made using 80 gram non-woven, water-resistant polypropylene and has an 8" striped side gusset.  This is perfect for a budget friendly giveaway that you can guarantee your recipients will keep in their car for all of their shopping adventures.






If you’re looking for an item that is a little fancier, an insulated tote bag is your best bet for shopping tote bags.  It’s perfect for keeping frozen items safe in between errands.  Not only does it keep everything cold, but it’s also perfect for transporting take out!  The Insulated Large Non-Woven Grocery Tote can be printed in one color in the large imprint area (8”H x 6” W) on the front and/or on the back of the bag!  How could you not keep at least 5 of these in your car at all times?! They come in handy on so many occasions!




Whether you’re looking for a giveaway for your next tradeshow, school event, or foody event, promotional tote bags are always a great idea!  Use them for your next marketing venture to ensure the recipients will receive a product they will actually use!  Contact Promotion Pros for any other product ideas or questions! 

Five Promotion Life Hacks You Need While Traveling

So, you’re traveling. Whether you’re going overseas, taking a train ride or commuting to work, you have a few promotional opportunities at your disposal. Today’s remote workers aren’t constantly remote, and effective marketing doesn’t sleep. If you want to promote your business while traveling, you’ll need to cater to other travelers. Check out the five promotion life hacks below, and keep your business represented regardless of location.


Life Hack One: Use a Foldable Bag


Carrying bags like the Rume cFold Foldable Bag can be stored in your luggage, beneath bus seats and in airplane carry-on compartments. Having a compact travel duffel, alone, is worthwhile. Having one with your brand’s logo on it—even more so. By promoting your business in a fast-paced, adaptable light is important, and you needn’t stick to a webcam to do so.




Life Hack Two: Blog Your Trips


You’d be surprised how effective a little visibility can be. Blog your trips, and share your travel stories with others. While you’re doing this, don’t back away from showing off your branded glasses, your sports umbrella or your various technology. Anything visible can be blogged about—assuming you’re prioritizing visual media.


Life Hack Three: Bring Document Holders


Today’s remote workers are a professional bunch. As you’re traveling, bring your brand’s important documents in presentation folders and portfolios. These can both carry your imprinted brand image, presenting the perfect blend between professional and accessible.



Life Hack Four: Get Sporty


Don’t shy away from representing your brand via sporting bottles, either. If you’re expecting to walk a lot, show off your company’s energetic side by packing a branded fitness bottle. Choose a bright color, and keep it with you at the gym, on runs or even during bike rides. The ripple effect of energized brand presentation is phenomenal. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different thermos sizes, either, as adaptability is a key component of marketing.


Life Hack Five: Set Up a Tent


You’ll need to settle down, eventually. Why stay indoors? If you’re traveling to a trade show, a park-based convention or a slew of other outdoor areas, get creative with the roof over your head. Let your visitors see what your company represents. The best promotional tents have half-sizes and full backs, to empower open-air environments. Have fun, and be creative with your company’s presented colors and logo.



To stick out in the crowd, you’ll need superior presentation. A lot of branding options are affordable—and all of them are customizable. Promotion doesn’t end once formal events are completed. Today’s thought leaders are constantly promoting, making their brand fully alive. Check out Promotion Pros today, and empower your business.

Make Your Marketing Campaign Fun and Useful with a Custom Magic Board

Kids and adults alike have been fascinated by the magic board for years. With the swipe of a button, everything on the board disappears like magic. Capture all the magic of this fun product by using it as one of your promotional products to market your business.


Something Fun for Everyone

One of the exciting reasons the magic board makes such a great promotional product is it’s appeal to people of all ages. Kids will love playing with the board, enjoying the chance to magically make drawings and writing disappear. Adults will also love having a board that easily erases without the mess that comes with many dry erase boards. Reach people of all ages with this fun product.


A Useful Tool

Not only is the magic board fun, it’s a practical, useful tool as well. It’s great for corporate clients, since it helps replace sticky notes and paper notes, making it an environmentally friendly choice. Since it comes with magnetic backing, the board can be place on a fridge, desk, or other object so it can be accessed easily. The attachable pen ensures that the pen doesn’t get lost in the shuffle, and it’s big enough to write down multiple notes, whether it’s a to-do list or notes for an office presentation.


Add a Logo and Marketing Message

Of course, the magic board isn’t just about the novelty of magically erasing your words – it’s an important marketing tool. There’s plenty of room on the board to add your logo and a marketing message if you desire. A short message and logo ensure that people remember your business each time they use their magic board.


If you choose the same old promotional products for your marketing campaign, you’re sure to get lost in the crowd. Use the novelty of the magic board to market your business in a fun way that won’t be magically erased from the minds of your customers. Start your marketing campaign today with the magic board or another exciting novelty promotional product.  

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