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7 Products to Promote Healthy New Year's Resolutions


It’s almost 2018! That means it’s time for resolutions. For a lot of people, that means trying to improve their health and wellness. Did you guys know that there’s a link between health habits and productivity at work?! Employees who eat better and exercise more rate higher in their job performance! As company leaders, we like to make sure our team is as healthy as possible heading into the New Year. There are plenty of ways to do this, such as promoting healthy eating and exercise among your employees. We’ve gathered seven awesome gifts to encourage healthy resolutions – check them out below!


Large Workout Band

Workout Band

This awesome resistance band facilitates stretching, strengthening, and toning exercises! A great gift for work-out-aholics or those who are just starting out.


SmartShake Fitness Shaker


Our SmartShake shaker bottle is leak-proof and has compartments in the bottom to hold protein powder or nutritional supplements. A must-have for the gym!


Ice Cooling Wrap

Cooling Wrap

This small cooling wrap is activated with water, provides an invigorating cooling effect, and stays chilled for hours! A great way to cool down after a solid workout!


Dome Duffel Bag

Duffel Bag

This duffel easily holds a change of clothes and a pair of shoes (plus more!) which makes it a great choice for a gym bag! Bring it to the office in the morning so you can swing by the gym before you head home.


Yoga Stretch Band

Yoga Stretch Band

These are a personal Promotion Pros favorite! We have them at our desks so we can get a good stretch in after sitting for hours every day!


Cool Dri Performance TShirts

Mens Performance ShirtWomen's Performance Shirt

We are loving these Hanes Cool Dri Performance tees! With a 50+ UPF rating and a material that wicks and dries quickly, what more could you want during a tough workout?!


Aluminum Sports Bottle


Aluminum Water Bottle

Our Aluminum Sports Bottles have a push-to-open lid which makes them super handy for runs! They even have a plastic loop for carrying or attaching.


Check out all of these great options on our website and get your team ready to kick it into gear for the New Year! Happy 2018!

5 Gifts Available for 24-Hour Rush!

It’s almost here… Just over a week away! You know what I’m talking about… The holidays! It’s our favorite time of the year, but it can also be super stressful! In addition to your friends and family, there’s also workmates and employees to purchase gifts for. Plus, time goes so quickly during this time of year, there’s a good chance a lot of it will be last minute shopping. Shopping online makes things easier, but trying to make sure everything arrives on time makes it pretty tricky… That’s where we come in! Promotion Pros has a whole section on our website devoted to items that can rushed through production in 24-hours and shipped out the very next day! We’ve taken the time to find 5 great gifts for corporate employees available for our 24-Hour Rush. Check them out below!


Shatterproof Flat Ornament


These ornaments are great gifts for everyone at the office! They can be branded with your company logo, so you can be a part of everyone’s holiday celebrations.

Minimum purchase of 100.


64-Oz. Amber Malt Growler


This growler is a great gift for those in the distributing business! They can be branded with your logo and filled with just about anything… Sure to keep everyone jolly this year!

Minimum purchase of 48.


Beach Towel


This gift is just the thing to get your employees minds off of the cold weather outside! Adding your business logo and a tagline is just a plus.

Minimum purchase of 36.


Imprinted Illuminating Speaker


What an awesome gift! Your employees will love this awesome illuminating speaker and they’ll surely be thinking of you while jamming out to it at their New Year’s Eve party this year!

Minimum purchase of 25.


2-Piece Bamboo Cutting Board Set

Cutting Boards

This gorgeous cutting board set is a perfect gift for those in the restaurant industry! Featuring not only one, but two boards, these can both be branded with your logo, and will look great under your employees’ trees this year!

Minimum purchase of 50.


Hurry on to our website to find some great last minute gifts for everyone at the office!

5 Great Gifts to Show Employee Appreciation



Let’s talk about appreciation in the workplace. It’s something not all of us are familiar with, because unfortunately, it isn’t addressed nearly as much as it should be. When we get busy at work, employee appreciation is one of the first things to go out the window. It’s easy to shrug it off by saying your employees are just doing what they get paid for, but they’re a valuable part of your team and should be treated as such!

Appreciation is not only a fundamental human need, but also a top motivator (even surpassing money, in some cases!) for harder work and stronger commitment to companies. Simple appreciation keeps workers from wanting to leave and find a different job. It establishes a mentality that says, “We’re all in this together,” which strengthens relationships and company culture!

Not only does it keep employees at your company, but it also provides positive feelings to spread throughout the office, like optimism, trust, and confidence. These are things that will encourage employees to work harder and increase their productivity for your company! Appreciation in the workplace benefits everyone and creates a happier, more profitable environment.

There are many ways to recognize our employees, including a simple, heartfelt thank you. A direct thanks or positive feedback from a boss makes us feel like human beings, not just a cog in the machine. Other options to show appreciation are treats – lunches or parties to celebrate accomplishments – useful gifts, or involving them in decision making. We’ve taken the time to find a few fantastic options for employee appreciation gifts that are available right on our Promotion Pros website! Take a look.


Fairview Leather Portfolio with Tablet Case


This awesome leather portfolio doubles as a case for an iPad or tablet! A very practical gift for all your employees AND your company logo can be imprinted right on the front.

Minimum purchase of 6.


Wenger Field Classic Watch


If you really want to let your employees know how much you care about them, these beautiful watches make for an excellent office gift. Swiss-made and water resistant, they will definitely add a classy touch to any wardrobe – and they’re available in two sizes!

Minimum purchase of 10.



RoxBox Newport Bluetooth Speaker


We are in LOVE with these awesome speakers! The unique wood sets them apart from the rest and can be imprinted with your company logo. How cool is that?!

Minimum purchase of 6.


Empire Thermos and Ghirardelli Deluxe Gift Set


This lovely gift set is perfect as the weather starts to cool off! It comes with a stainless steel thermos with a leather wrap where you can add your logo, five packets of Ghirardelli hot cocoa mix, and five Ghirardelli chocolate squares. A real treat your employees are sure to enjoy!

Minimum purchase of 10.


Bamboo Cheese Server Set

Cheese Set

This beautiful cheese serving set is made with eco-friendly bamboo and includes a cutting board, a cracker dish, AND a stainless steel knife! Give your employees a practical gift they can take home and entertain with!

Minimum purchase of 24.


Don't forget about Employee Appreciation Day on Friday, March 2nd! Treat your staff to some great gifts to thank them for all they do!

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