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Trade Show Hacks: 7 Essentials You Need for Every Trade Show

Heading to trade shows offers your business a great way to bring in more leads, but you need to be well prepared for the show before you go. Trade shows and conventions mean long days, so you’ll need a few trade show tips to ensure you are ready for anything that may come your way during the day. Whether it’s your first time or you’re an experienced pro at trade shows, here are a few trade show essentials to have on hand, from name tags to unique promotional products.  


Essential #1 – Attractive Table Covering

Creating an attractive, welcoming, area that stands out at the trade show is important, and an attractive table cover can ensure your booth looks great throughout the day. Personalize your table cover to show off your business name and logo so it’s easy for new leads to remember.


Essential #2 – Name Tags

Make everyone on your team approachable to attendees by making sure everyone wears name tags. This lets you make sure people can identify your name and company, ensuring easier interaction.


Essential #3 – Signs and Banners

You’ll also need some signs and banners for your trade show so you can make your booth look great while showing off important information. Use signs and banners for essential information about services, products, and methods of contact. Attractive signs will also help you stand out.


Essential #4 – Custom Apparel

Of course, it’s also essential to make sure that your team looks professional, and a uniform look makes it easy to identify the people who are a part of your company. Go with custom apparel that looks great with your booth and that brings together your brand image.


Essential #5 – Hand Sanitizer

You’re going to be shaking hands throughout the day, so hand sanitizer is a must. Make sure you have some available for all your team members.


Essential #6 – Snacks and Drinks

Trade shows can last for hours, and you need to make sure you stay hydrated and full. Choose some healthy snacks that will keep you going throughout the day and have plenty of water on hand for your team.


Essential #7 – Fun Giveaway Promotional Products

Don’t forget to have some fun giveaway promotional products, since great giveaways is an essential part of trade shows. Choose promotional giveaways that look great and that will ensure you’re remembered by prospective leads.


Make sure you’re well prepared for your next conference or trade show with these helpful trade show hacks. Prepare today by ordering your unique promotional products early so you’re ready to make the most of your trade show experience.  

Printed Things: Memories on Everyday Items

A large part of advertising involves racking one’s brains to come up with materials that will promote a particular brand, business, or company. There are different kinds of advertising through digital and print media, and then there’s promotional merchandising to help any business owner create a positive impression on consumer and would-be customers. And since promotional products can deliver a better cost per impression compared to other types of media advertising, it’s no wonder that new and even established businesses spend a significant amount of time and money to come up with the perfect item that can boost their sales. But with many a typical promo items given away, how should you go about with your advertising plan?


Four-Way Promotional Items

Target Audience


When we give away items, it’s obvious and nevertheless important to take into consideration our target recipients and the kind of environment they are working in the day in day out. If you’re marketing to business people and employees in corporations, it makes sense to give them something they can and will likely use in the office. If your niche market is families, then merchandise they can use at home will work just fine. Matching your giveaways with the interests of a target audience is essential and almost imperative so your promo items will serve their purpose in the first place.


Convey it Like Hermes


Another crucial objective is to deliver your brand’s message and to differentiate it from the many other competitors you have. One particular promotional item from a pest control company didn’t serve any purpose other than to let people know of the services they offer, straight to the point. And did they make an impact by slipping fake cockroaches under the doors of families living in the neighborhood! Written on these fake roaches’ bellies were the company's contact details and the words “See how easy it is to get into your house?”


Make it Last for more than Just One Night


Although it’s always great to make an impression with the item and message you’re delivering, promo items also work well when they last longer than the period it takes for people to throw away such objects. Things like plastic water bottles won’t last long enough for people to remember your product significantly. To make them last longer, the following element, which promotional items must have, can do just that.


It’s Business, Make it Personal


Some people would say investing on emotions will help you build a stronger connection with your customers. But how will everyday promotional objects stir your clients’ emotions? One surefire way to do this is to turn mundane items into keepsakes that people would rather hold onto instead of merely letting them pile up in the corner of their rooms. An awesome way to make memorabilia out of these objects is to make use of photography to capture moments that consumers can relate to at a personal level. A more personal approach will help people find a connection with your business. When promo items turn into memorabilia with pieces of moments printed on them that customers care about, then there’s a big chance they’d find your business more appealing, and they will become proactive when it comes to engaging with you.



Photos on Promos

Integrating photography and promotional advertising has been a practice time and again by advertisers, business owners, and marketers. Most, if not all, print ads make use of images that best capture and convey the messages companies want consumers to know. So what makes the use of photography on promotional items any different from those previously done by advertisers?


As mentioned earlier, it’s the memories that can make a huge difference. You are creating memoirs with your clients as you build strong relationships with them. Now to use pieces of memories on your promotional items is an easy way of sharing with other people what you have already built with your clients and employees too. If you already have a collection of photos from your previous events, you can opt to have them printed on basic giveaway items like fridge magnets, cards, mugs, tags, drink coasters, and whatnots. These photographs may serve as a testament to the kind of values you hold dear in your company.


You can take and print as many pictures as you’d need to capture and frame memories people would want to keep. This photo sharing through the distribution of free merchandise takes promotion a step further than the usual name game of promo items. Instead of merely promoting your services and products, promotional articles that make use of photographs allow you to create memorable moments and build reliable connections between you and your clients. People appreciate the thoughtfulness of receiving promotional items; we see these as gifts no matter how ordinary they may be. Now, there is nothing stronger than having customers and clients relate well to your business when they receive items that help them build stronger affinity. With shared memories, your promotional items can go a long way.



Author’s Bio: 

Earl Jonathan Tech is the founder of PrintMeister, one of the newest online companies offering printing services that include basic printing to personalised compliment slips. His work focuses mainly on marketing and merchandising, but he writes on his spare time.

Promotional Products That Raise Awareness of Breast Cancer and Your Business

Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is October, is an annual campaign designed to help raise awareness of breast cancer, encouraging women to take steps needed for early detection and offering support to women who are fighting the disease. Breast cancer, the most common type of cancer in women, affects more than 240,000 women each year, and over 40,000 women die every year from breast cancer. Supporting the fight and raising awareness is important, and with a few unique promotional products, you can support Breast Cancer Awareness Month and raise awareness of your business too.


It’s a great idea to support a good cause, and doing so can help you increase brand recognition as well. Whether you hold a big event for Breast Cancer Awareness Month or you simply want to show your support by handing out promotional products to customers, everyone will benefit as you support the warriors in pink.


If you’re planning to give promotional products away to current and prospective customers, consider going with items they’ll find useful. One great idea is the Ribbon Grocery Shopper, a reusable shopping bag that features a pink Ribbon handle. Add your company logo to the shopping bag and you’ll get your brand name out there. Another practical product is the Awareness Ribbon Water Bottle, which makes it easy for users to stay hydrated while supporting a great cause. Even pink pens with the breast cancer logo and your business information can make great promotional products that will be used again and again.


If you’re looking for some fun products to raise awareness of breast cancer and your brand, consider the Pink Ribbon Stock Tattoo, which is a great way to bring some fun to an event while making sure people think about your business. You can also help clients and potential clients relieve some of their stress with the Awareness Ribbon Stress Reliever, or reach out to sports fans with the Small Hit Sports Pack that they can take to every game.


Don’t forget about the amazing warriors in pink this year during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Support these women and help raise awareness of this deadly disease. Choose the right unique promotional products today to increase breast cancer awareness while building your brand. 

Magic 8 Ball, Will Nostalgic Promotions Work?

These days, Nostalgia is the best way to market in any industry.  Merriam Webster defines nostalgia as pleasure and sadness that is caused by remembering something from the past and wishing that you could experience it again.  Whether it’s a video game (have you seen everyone running around catching Pokémon?) or a toy from our childhood, bringing back nostalgic memories from your customers childhood is a great way for them to make an emotional connection with your brand.  Why not do the same for your next promotional campaign?


Who hasn’t spent hours when they were younger trying to solve the Rubik’s Cube?  This brain stimulating toy can be a great giveaway for any occasion.  Your logo is printed on all of the yellow or white squares to ensure visibility while they twist and turn this awesome toy.



Print your logo on this personal fortune teller for a great giveaway.  Anyone who gets a custom Magic Answer Ball in their hands will surely remember asking silly questions and getting responses such as “The Stars Say No” or “No Doubt about It”.









People of all ages can remember trying to learn Yo-Yo tricks.  Print your logo on this Yo-Yo with Blinking Lights to bring back memories of “walking the dog”. 





Jump ropes make a great fitness giveaways.  They can be used in workplace wellness programs or in any fitness program.  What better way for people to remember your brand than brining back schoolyard memories like “Cinderella” or “Down in the Valley.”






A recent article by Skyword Marketing pointed out the different ways big name companies are using this nostalgic technique to bring consumers back to the good old days.  Promotional Products are the perfect way to bring back the positive memories, over and over again.

Celebrate Game Day with These Fun Promotional Game Day Giveaways


With the return of football season, everyone’s excited about game day, and it’s the perfect time to introduce your own unique promotional products that tie in your brand to the excitement of the game. Feature the sport of football with your promotional products or feature local teams along with your brand to get your customers excited about your business. If you’re not sure what products to give away, here’s a look at some great football themed game day giveaways that football fans are sure to love.



Football Schedule Magnets 


No football fan wants to miss an important game this football season, but it can be hard to keep track of game days, game times, and who teams are playing. Take the guesswork out of the football schedule by giving away football schedule magnets as promotional products. They’re sure to go up on fridges across your area, reminding customers about their favorite games and your business.


Comfortable Fold-Up Stadium Cushions

For the football fans who head to the stadiums for game day, stadium cushions make a perfect promotional giveaway. Not only will these cushions keep them comfy while they cheer for their favorite teams, they are portable, lightweight, and they fold up for easy storage too. Add your logo to the cushions and you have game day giveaways that will ensure your brand is remember, by your customers and those who see the cushions at the big game.


Rolling Coolers for Drinks and Snacks

Everyone needs a cold drink or a tasty snack on game day, and rolling coolers offer the easy way to take cold drinks and food along without the need to carry a heavy cooler. Whether fans are heading to the stadium or heading to a friend’s house for a game day party, this is the perfect way to ensure that cold items can be easily carried along. Customize the coolers with your logo and business name and it’s the perfect way to promote your business and get your clients excited.


Football Can Holder

Make it easy for football fans to keep their drinks cold this football season with the football can holder combo. It offers a great can holder shaped like a football, which any football fan will love. It also comes with a drawstring backpack, which offers the perfect way to tote along extra essentials when fans attend a big game.


From football schedule magnets to rolling coolers, you have plenty of exciting options to choose from if you’re looking for game day giveaways. Make the most of football season and tie in your promotional products to the game to make an impression on current and prospective customers. 

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