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Promotional Products: Why Free Items Are Irresistable

It is no secret: people love to receive free things, even if it is something as small as a pen. Since people enjoy it, there are some perks that come along with it. These perks can be enjoyed both by the person who is on the receiving end of the free item or items, but also the person or company giving away the item or items. At the end of the day, free items are irresistible and there are a few reasons why.

Why People Love Free Things

Free items make people feel special. Even if the person knows they are not the only one getting the free item, it still makes them feel good. This is likely the biggest reason why free things are so loved by people everywhere. The thought of someone or a company giving a person a gift, no matter how small or impersonal, is enjoyable. People remember that and will use the item in more cases than not.

What Businesses Get in Return

The perk for businesses to give away free items is because it can create loyalty for the business. This is true whether you are looking for new customers and handing out ceramic mugs or keeping your current customers happy with a small gift. When people know that they are appreciated, they become loyal to that brand. Giving away free items is one great way to show your appreciation for your customers. This creates an affectionate bond and they are more likely to remember your company when they need to order in the future.

How to Incorporate This in Your Business

It is really easy to generate loyalty and appreciation within your business. All you have to do is develop a program where you give away free things to your customers, both old and new, and your employees. Internal customers are just as important and you can give them other items like stress relievers or calculators.

For more information on items to incorporate free items into your marketing and retention plan, visit Promotion Pros!

Cashing in on Health and Wellness Programs with Promotional Products

It is no surprise that there are many new health and wellness programs that are taking over the market. People are extremely interested in eating well and taking better care of themselves as a whole. In fact, many companies are also jumping on board and implementing health and wellness programs at work. These programs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and if you want to incorporate this into your company, there are many ways to do so. Continue reading for more information and ideas to get started with your health and wellness program.

Offering Incentives to Stay Healthy

Although, by nature, most people want to be healthy, it cans sometimes be a bit of a struggle. Everyone is different but sometimes a push in the right direction is all that is needed. Many companies have already jumped on the train to provide their employees with special incentives for staying healthy. The problem is, many companies do not think of ways to incorporate their brand into the mix. You can always provide things like health coaching, discounts on health insurance, and other things, however, you can also take it one step further and also provide things like water bottles with your logo on them, shake bottles, or even workout bands. All of these products are items your employees can use but they also double as promotional items. 

Hosting Competitions for Weight Loss

Another big hit within the office space are the competitions for weight loss. This has become a fun way to promote healthy living while also inviting a bit of competition into the workplace. Many companies have used the model where they have an entrance fee and there are a set number of winners based on pounds of percentage of body fat lost. The winners get a specific amount of the entrance money pool. You could also up the ante by adding other items to the winner pile such as those workout bands. Another idea is to create a healthy package of promotional items that your employees can use for the competition and anyone who signs up gets one. 

There are many different ideas that can be used to promote a health and wellness program and they can double as promotional outlets for your company. To see what other items you can use, take a look at Promotion Pros online!

Umbrellas: The Year-Round Promotional Product

No matter the time of year, people everywhere keep umbrellas in their car and their home in case of a rainy day. We do not use them every day but we do use them every year and all throughout the year. Once the rain starts falling, you start seeing people pull out their umbrellas to shield them from it. Since umbrellas are used so often in our society, wouldn't it be great if there was a way to capitalize on them? There is if you want to use them as promotional products and there are a few other reasons why they make the ideal fit.


A Highly Visible and Large Print Area

Your promotional umbrellas have a huge area where you can put your logo or message. Pens are a popular choice but the print area is small and that does not work for all companies. If you want a lot of space and you want to make an impact when someone opens your umbrella, this is the only way to go. You can even put your information on the handle so it can be seen while not in use. 


Very Portable and Practical


While some promotional products, you may find that they are not practical for such a wide range of individuals but everyone could use an umbrella and they often do which makes these items so practical. Additionally, they are also very portable by nature so more and more people can see your information the more the umbrella is used. This is also where the large, visible print area comes into play. 


Long Lasting


There are many umbrellas out there that will not last a long time but we offer Peerless brand that are going to get a lot of use out of them. The longer your promotional umbrellas can be used, the better. When looking to use umbrellas as a promotional item, it is important to purchase some that will have a long life span so you can generate more advertising from them.

If you are interested in learning more about promotional umbrellas or are ready to find the ideal ones to meet your goals, please visit our website or contact us today!

Promotional Products – Why They’re Still Relevant in the Digital Age

Marketing continues to change in the digital age, and from online banners to social media ads, there’s advertising everywhere in some form. Although digital forms of advertising continue to increase in popularity, many traditional forms of advertising, such as the use of promotional products, continue to be relevant today. Here’s a closer look at why unique promotional products continue to be relevant in the digital age.


Promotional Products – What’s the Point?

Why invest in promotional products? These products help boost brand recognition, getting your brand out there in front of people. Brand recognition is essential today for increasing your sales and profits. One of the benefits of promo products is that quality items are used repeatedly, so they’ll continue to market your business in the future. Even in the digital age when people are spending hours of their time online, they still use products and they still visit brick and mortar stores. When you choose a product that gets used again and again, you’ll make an impact on current and potential clients.


Top Unique Promotional Products to Use

The products you choose to use to promote your business will depend on your budget and your business. You want to choose an affordable product that fits into your marketing budget, but you also want to make sure the products you choose make sense for your type of business. Some of the most common types of promo products used by companies today include:



Choosing the Right Product for Your Business

Of course, to make sure your promotional products continue to be relevant in the digital age, you need to know how to choose the right products to promote your business. First, keep your niche in mind. Know your target market and choose products that will appeal to that target market. It’s also important to choose a product your market will actually use instead of something that gets tossed into a drawer or the trashcan.


Unique promotional products continue to be relevant, even in an age where digital advertising is thriving. Don’t underestimate the power of promo products – start using them to market your business effectively today.

BPA-Free Water Bottles: The New Industry Standard For Promotional Products

When it comes to water bottles, they're a lot more than just a promotional tool. They're the key to staying hydrated, especially for people who are too busy to remember to sit down and drink a glass or two every few hours. With so many people embracing their custom sports bottles as constant companions from the moment they wake up, it's no wonder that they're also starting to wonder how safe those plastic bottles really are.


What's Wrong With BPA? 

BPA is the acronym for bisphenol A, and it was first used in the plastic manufacturing industry in the 1960s. It's a key component in plastics that are shatter-proof and durable, so it's not surprising that it was commonly found in almost all water bottles until recently. It's also used to line food cans to prevent acidic ingredients from damaging the metal of the can.

BPA is known to leach out of plastics and into food and water as the plastic ages, is exposed to heat, or is washed with solvents and abrasives. Even a household scrub sponge can be abrasive enough to start the leakage of the chemical into the water you store in your bottle. When consumed, it acts like the hormone estrogen. Too much estrogen causes serious health problems for people of all ages and sexes, and these problems include:

  • Higher blood pressure in adults
  • Developmental problems in growing fetuses
  • Learning and growth issues in babies and children.


Why Did The Entire Industry Change?

The promotional products industry moved quickly to only offer plastic bottles BPA free as soon as the media outlets started covering the dangers of the chemical. Every company knew that consumers wouldn't want to use BPA products anymore once hearing about the risks, and that meant that companies ordering promotional bottles needed to change what they were offering. A free water bottle is only a good form of advertising if the recipient feels safe using it. On top of this, plastic suppliers also changed their formulas rapidly to accommodate the desire to avoid BPA, so it was relatively easy for the entire promotional products industry to make the switch without raising prices.

Interested in promoting your company while helping people stay hydrated without the dangers of BPA? Check out our wide selection of BPA free plastic bottles, or consider metal water bottles if you want to avoid plastic altogether.

Engage Your Employees This Summer with Promotional Products

Custom promotional products have long been the standard for engaging with customers and clients, but have you ever considered using them internally at company picnics and events? With summer fast approaching, there will be countless opportunities for you to show your employees they are appreciated by gifting high-quality custom promotional products by Promotion Pros. Taking advantage of Promotion Pros wide variety of custom promotional products will add a personalized touch to your next corporate event, employee picnic or barbecue, and facilitate company bonding. Your team will love the comradery created with your custom products and they will enjoy keeping the promotional product as a reminder of your fantastic employee events. The following items are great for use at your next corporate event and highly recommended. 


 Customized Metallic Malibu Sunglasses

The  Customizable Metallic Malibu Sunglasses will have your employees enjoying fun in the sun at your next event. With your company logo printed on the side, these bold sunglasses will be a favorite of all. The (link) Metallic Malibu Sunglasses will continue promoting your brand even after your event, as your employees will always want to sport these stylish glasses!


Contigo Reusable 32oz Ashland Bottle

Keep your employees hydrated with this Customizable Contigo Reusable 32oz Ashland Bottle. This reusable bottle will allow everyone at the company picnic to enjoy a refreshing drink between team building activities and is durable enough to become their durable, go-to reusable bottle.


Customizable Reusable Tote and Blanket Combo

Ensure that everyone stays cozy with this Customizable Fleece Throw and Tote Combination. Handy for your outdoor corporate events and your employee’s day off excursions, this combo is sure to be a hit. Your employees will appreciate when you send them home with this multi-functional gift.


Amigo Customizable Printed Lunch Tote

This insulated Customizable Printed Amigo Lunch Tote is an essential item for your next company event! Customizable with your company’s unique logo, this multi-use tote is perfect for keeping your meals at optimum temperature and makes a gift alone or filled with any of (link) Promotion Pros Custom Promotional items.


9” Customizable Frequent Flyer Discus

Encourage employee interaction at your next company picnic with Promotion Pros 9” Customizable Frequent Flyer Discus. Play a fun game of Frisbee in the sunshine with your employees and create lasting bonds. All are sure to be pleased with your entertaining custom promotional gifts!


Promotional SPF 30 Sunscreen with Attached Carabiner

Want to ensure your employees stay sunburn free at your next event?  Give out your Custom Branded Sunscreen with Attached Carabiner to show employees how much you care about their wellbeing! This promotional SPF 30 sunblock will keep your employees sunburn free and the attached carabiner will allow for easy product accessibility. This custom sunscreen is guaranteed to come in handy and will function as useful reminder of you as a caring employer.


Treating your employees to high-quality custom promotional products from (link) Promotion Pros will speak volumes about you as an employer and will leave your employees with a lasting positive impression. Take full advantage of your next corporate event, company picnic, or barbeque and contact the Pros at Promotion Pros for all of your custom product needs! 

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