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Creative Ways To Promote Your Government Campaign

When it comes to government, people will either agree with you or they won't. However, with local governments, a bigger issue is that people do not really know what is going on all the time and they may not even know who is running for office or what issues are to be voted on in the community. One of the biggest issues that causes this is a lack of proper and engaging promotion tactics. Continue reading for some great ways to promote issues within your community or campaign for office.

  • Get on social media and be active. In the modern age, you can do a lot with traditional methods of promotion but if you are not on social media as well, then you will not be able to reach a large majority of people in your area. Some social media websites that you should be on include Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and LinkedIn. These are just the basic ones that you can use to reach the community. Unfortunately, it is not enough to just be on these websites, you must also be active and monitor the conversations.
  • Host an event or contest. Invite people in the community to participate and use it as a platform for your campaign or for the issues you are trying to fight for. You can make the event or contest really fun while also educating the community based on what you are focused on at the moment. If you host an event, you can even get some themed items for the attendees to take home. Some examples include insulated bottlescoffee cups, and more.
  • Use promotional products. Companies use promotional products all the time as a way to not only get something useful in the hands of customers and potential customers, but also as a way to remind the people about their company. These same tactics can be used for a government campaign. There are countless promotional options that can be used for any campaign including tote bagspensclipboards, and more.

If you would like to purchase some promotional products for your campaign, visit Promotion Pros for some more fresh ideas!

Personalized Wedding Favor Ideas: Fun Ways to Thank Guests for Attending Your Summer Wedding

The weather is warm and wedding season is officially here, and if you’re planning your big day, you definitely want to find the perfect way to thank guests for attending. Personalized wedding favors offer a fun way to say “thank you” to everyone who attends, and you can have unique promotional products personalized specifically for your wedding day. What kind of personalized gifts should you give away at your wedding? Here’s a look at some great wedding favors ideas that guests will enjoy.


One idea that’s perfect for summer is a personalized beach tote. Summer is all about sand, sun, and water, and a beach tote makes a great gift that guests will enjoy repeatedly. Have your name and wedding date monogrammed on the bag and it’s sure to be a hit.











With the warm weather, guests may need a way to keep drinks cold during the wedding. Custom beverage holders offer a perfect way to keep drinks cold while sending your guests home with a personalized gift. Choose from options with your initials monogrammed on them or if you’re both sports fans, choose a sports themed beverage holder for a fun way to thank guests.


If you’re having drinks at your wedding, barware makes great wedding favors. From shot glasses to whiskey glasses, you can find the perfect glasses to fit the style of your wedding. You can even find wine goblets if you’ll be serving up wine to your guests.






Are you having a beach wedding? Will your wedding be outdoors? If so, sunscreen makes the perfect wedding favors for your guests. Personalize the sunscreen with a special quote or your wedding date and make sure guests stay protected from sun damage at your wedding.








Most people love snacks and sweets, which makes them a great choice for wedding favors. You can hand out personalized tubs of popcorn, cookies, candy, chocolates, wine gifts, and more. Just keep in mind, if you’re giving out chocolate, have a place to keep it cool during your summer wedding so you don’t hand out melted favors.









Don’t let guests go home empty handed. Grab your own promotional products and thrill your guests with exciting personalized wedding favors that make your day extra-special.

Take Lame Promo Products and Make Them Awesome

When you’re choosing promotional products to market your business, you need to choose strategically. It’s important to find ways to stand out from the crowd, and you definitely don’t want to choose lame promo products that get stuck in a drawer or thrown away. Stop giving away lame promo items and make your business stand out with unique promotional products. Here’s a closer look at how you can take some lame promo products and make them awesome.


Koozies, Coolies, and Can Holders

You’ve seen those boring koozies, coolies, and can holders again and again, and they aren’t the best choice for routine giveaways. However, you can go from lame to awesome if you use them for special events and choose designs that stand out. Consider a sports-themed can holder, a bottle bag, or tall boy coolies designed to work with tall cans and bottles.


Stick Pens

How many businesses have used promotional stick pens in the past? These pens are often lost in drawers or simply thrown away. However, you can make these lame promo products cool by going with specialty pens that offer more than just a writing tool. Consider going with a multi-function pen, such as options that offer a pen and a stylus, a pen and a flashlight, or pens that are also highlighters.


Water Bottles

Boring water bottles won’t attract attention and they probably won’t be kept long by people either. The trick is to jazz them up and go with stylish options that people will actually enjoy using. Metal water bottles keep drinks cold and come in so many different styles and colors, making it easy for you to find an option that will make your business stand out. Even plastic water bottles come in stylish, fun options that people are sure to love.


You don’t have to choose lame promo products that get tossed out immediately. Use these tips and ideas to go from lame to awesome when you purchase promotional products for your business today!

Appeal to the Techie Crowd with Technology-Based Promotional Products

The technology world has fully arrived, and nearly everyone has become a techie. Look around and you’ll notice that most people spend a huge amount of time on some type of device, whether it’s a cellphone, a digital camera, a tablet, or other device. As you select promotional products to market your business, why not appeal to the techie crowd by handing out technology-based promotional products that are sure to be used. Here’s a look at some great technology-based promo items that customers, employees, and prospective customers are sure to enjoy.


Phone Chargers

Going without a cell phone for more than five minutes just isn’t an option for the techie crowd, so phone chargers make great promo products. Hand them out to celebrate the accomplishments of one your employees or thank loyal customers with a charger. They’re even great prizes and gifts to give away at big company promotional events. From low cost charging travel kits to high quality power banks any techie will covet, phone chargers offer an excellent way to get the word out about your business. You can be sure that people will be using these chargers again and again, keeping your business name in front of them regularly.


Selfie Sticks

Selfies are popular, especially among the younger crowd, but getting the perfect angle while showing off the background can be tough if you’re trying to hold the phone yourself. Techies are sure to love selfie sticks, which allow you to capture a great selfie with ease. Simply have your company name and logo added to the selfie stick and you ensure that this is one promo gift that goes with people everywhere.


Phone Accessories

The techie crowd loves phone accessories, from phone stands to phone cases. Phone accessories make excellent promotional gifts to give out, since you can be sure these items will get heavy use. People use their cellphones all the time, so a good phone case or stand is going to get routine use. You’ll keep your company in the forefront of your customers’ minds when you choose phone accessories to promote your business.


Make the most of technology and start reaching the techie crowd with technology-based promo items. Contact us to buy your techie-approved promotional gifts today!

How the Athleisure Trend Can Help You Promote Your Brand

With the addition of the term “athleisure” to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, it’s obvious that the athleisure trend is here to stay. Instead of manufacturing practical workout clothing, athleisure is clothing that combines the comfort of athletic wear with the style of street clothes. Sports apparel sales have significantly increased in the past few years, and sales are expected to increase in the next few years.


Why should the athleisure trend matter to you? You can leverage this hot trend and use it to help you promote your business.


Since athleisure is currently such a hot item, why not jump on board and begin using it for business promotion. Promotional products are a great way to get the word out about your business while keeping your business fresh in the mind of your best customers. However, many companies make the mistake of investing in promotional products people never use. When you choose athleisure items to promote your business, you can be sure that people are going to use those items again and again.


What are some great athleisure items you can use for business promotion? Hoodies are a popular option, and men and women alike love them. Choose from hoodies embroidered with your business name or go with screen printing options that include your name and logo. Hoodies are both warm and comfortable, so your customers are sure to love them and use them.


Comfortable athleisure pants and shorts also make great promotional items. Hand them out at a big company event, use them to thank new customers, or give them out to your employees to promote your business. Stylish fashion t-shirts also make great options, since they look trendy while still being comfortable and lightweight.


If you’re ready to start promoting your business in a relevant, trendy way, consider choosing athleisure inspired promotional products today!

Get Your Foot in the Door With Promotional Products

Making a connection with a fun, and useful promotional product highlights your brand before a prospect even meets you. Studies show they increase response rate and brand awareness, and improve top-of-mind awareness. and brand recall, too.

Softening Up the Tough Part of Sales

The toughest part of sales is developing a pipeline. But with useful and memorable promotional products, a cold lead can become a consultative sales call, and a warm prospect. According to a study by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), with the target audience  of 18 - 34 year olds,  >80% of businesses felt that promotional products were somewhat effective to very effective. That's the hot demographic these days, and connecting could be as simple as choosing the right item to spread the word about your company and brand.

Good Promotional Products - A Good Reason to Remember Your Company

People like gifts. They remember them, talk about them, and most importantly, share them. If they could be doing that with something that promotes your business, wouldn't that be a good thing? With useful items like a lip balm, or umbrella featuring your company's logo, a cold lead becomes a warm prospect in no time. Consider a dimensional as part of your next direct mail solicitation, or as a precursor to a day of sales calls. Then when you reach out, your contact already knows you and you'll have a conversation starter ready to go. According to a study by Baylor University, this can result in a 75% uptick in responses. Good news, right?

Make Your Promotional Items Useful

Select promotional items that are useful and appropriate to the target audience. Drinkware is carried to and from work, school,  and summer outings. This provides increased impressions for your brand. Apparel is another popular choice used over and over to reinforce your brand.

Wondering which product is the right one to promote your business? Call us or visit our website to chat with an associate. We'll work with you to find the promotional product to take those cold calls to warm leads in no time.

Be Prepared to Party This Summer - A Simple Tailgating Guide

Tailgating is a year-round sport. From day trips to camping trips to pre-concert celebrations, doing it right can make it special. Put your logo on the tools you need to make the event great, to ensure constant brand visibility.  These tips will also make your tailgate the event of the summer!

Tailgate Food Makes the Day

Tailgating requires food that appeals to all. Its also a great opportunity to share family favorites. Tailgate potlucks take the pressure off and let everyone get into the action. Just keep the following tips in mind:

  • Make It Easy. Whether it's chili or bacon/cheese dip, hot side dishes are a make ahead guarantee, and no one goes hungry waiting for the man-at-the-grill.
  • Speaking of Grills. A portable bbq grill is the perfect way to cook burgers, wings, and dogs. Don't forget the equipment needed to prep, cook, and clean up!  Our imprinted BBQ sets are the perfect way to showcase your company logo while impressing your friends.
  • Cold Should Be Cold. Warm beer and wilted salads are no fun. Chilled beverages from a vendor are pricy. Bringing along those items, packed to stay cool, avoids long lines and saves money.  This Coleman Party Cooler is perfect to bring along to any tailgating event, imprinted with your logo ensures visability.  Just remember to pack ice and more drinks than you think you'll need. They disappear at a crazy rate when the sun is high and friends get together.

A great cooler/organizer can help keep your trunk organized, food chilled, and everyone happy. 

Make It a Day to Remember

Ordering souvenirs for your guests. Bottles are easier to grip with a bit of flair in a bottle jersey. An extra pair of sunglasses come in handy, especially when they can double as a bottle opener.  Tailgates can last for hours. Be prepared with customizable outdoor games.  You'll keep the kids, the teens, and the kids at heart happy with games featuring  a family team name, birthday message, or event/date featured. Look for promotional products you can customize to surprise everyone with a day to remember.  

When it comes to tailgating, fun and food are important. But even the host should be able to relax and enjoy. Want to be the next Tailgating Hero? Call us for ideas and items your family and friends will enjoy and which will help to make your tailgate event the one they remember.

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