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Keeping Your Brand Visible with Unique Promotional Products

You’ve worked hard to create your product or service, and now you want everyone to know about it. So what’s the best way of letting your potential customers know that you exist? You could consider a newspaper ad, but those are seen once and then used to line the litter box. And who listens to radio ads? Isn’t that when most people turn the radio down? But everyone loves free gifts. Especially if they’re useble. That’s where unique promotional products come in. At Promotion Pros, we are experts in choosing the best product to give you the most return on your money.

How Promotional Marketing Works

True story: I had a client once who was a building engineer. He came to me to repeat an order of 1,000 promotional pens. Why? Because they’re better than business cards. Everyone loves to swipe a good pen when they see one, so when he placed his first order of pens it was so successful that he came back for a repeat order. His pen with his brand name and phone number had fallen into the right hands and through that piece of $0.50 advertising, he landed a $500,000 contract.

Choosing the Best Promotional Products

The correct promotional products to spread brand recognition of your company can vary widely, but there are a few basic guidelines. We can help you find a product that is specific to the type of work you do. For instance, high tech companies like to order products such as USB hubs, chargers or power banks so they know their names will be in front of their clients on a continual basis. Owners of car parts stores choose to print give-aways that their customers will see when they need a mechanic and likewise, cosmeticians usually choose a beauty-related product. Besides relating it to your industry, ask about the size of the print area. For instance, a t-shirt could have a pocket size print on the front and a large and visible print on the back.

At Promotion Pros, we are here to help you choose the best product to spread your word.

Tech & Fitness Trends and What That Means For Promotional Items

Promotional items have played an integral role in marketing for many businesses. If 2015 is any indication, this will continue to be important throughout 2016 and beyond. Promotional products can increase sales, build brand awareness, and more. This year, in order to stay on top of the trends and get the most out of your promotional items it is important to pay attention to technological advancements and other trends that are taking the country by storm.

Incorporate Wearable Technology

It is hard to miss all of the people who already utilize wearable technology to track things like their activity and other health related things. More and more people are purchasing fitness trackers as part of one of the hottest health and technology trends. Many businesses are focusing on this by purchasing promotional products that double as wearable technology. This is one of the best ways to get your brand out into the hands of customers and potential customers. Additionally, this is something they will be wearing constantly and will have consistent reminder of your brand. Other items to consider for technology include earbuds, headphones, speakers, and other tech accessories.

Focus on Health Trends as a Whole

In general, the healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more important to people all over the country. If people are focusing on their health, then as a company you should focus on the items they will use regularly to maintain this lifestyle. An easy way to do this is to purchase promotional products such as water infusers and other such items. Not only will they use it often, but other people will see them as well which will help your business continue to grow. You can also consider other items such as tumblers, shaker bottles, or other health related items

The key to staying relevant in the market is to keep up with the hottest trends and find new ways to remain important to customers. Promotional items can do this for your business as long as you find unique ways to stand out. For 2016, health and technological advancements is something that should be focused on when it comes to promotional items. These trends show no sign of slowing down so continue to stay current in the market and watch as your company consistently meets and surpasses goals. Let Promotion Pros help you with our vast selection of promotional products in the health and technology field. 

3 Practical Promo Items Your Customers Will Actually Use

Promotional products have the potential to bring you big payoffs, but you have to choose the right products. If you choose a product that is simply placed in a drawer and never used again, you’re making a bad investment. The trick to making unique promotional products pay off is to choose practical items that will be used regularly, reminding your customers and others about your business. To help you make the right decision, here’s a look at some practical promo items that customers are sure to use regularly.



One of the most practical promo items to consider is drinkware, including plastic cups, ceramic mugs, infusers, glassware, and travel mugs. People are constantly drinking, and you can be sure they’ll usedrinkware products again and again. Each time they pull out that water bottle or travel mug, they’ll be advertising your business.

Shopping Bags

When you want unique promotional products customers will actually use, consider investing inreusable shopping bags. Everyone looks for ways to go green these days, and reusable shopping bags offer an easy way to cut down on the use of plastic bags. Your customers go shopping regularly, so they’re sure to pull out those shopping bags each time they head to the store. They’ll be reminded of your business and you’ll get some free publicity when other shoppers see your quality shopping bags as well.

Phone Chargers

If you’re willing to spend a bit more on promotional products, phone chargers are sure to be a big hit with your customers. With smartphones and tablets being used all the time, people are always trying to charge a device, which makes chargers a practical item that will be used regularly. Every time an individual plugs a device into their charger, they’ll think of your company.

The key to good ROI from promotional products is choosing items your customers will use. Fromdrinkware to phone chargers, these products will be used repeatedly, making them an excellent investment for your company. Place your order and start reaping the rewards of unique promotional products today.

Celebrate National Nutrition Month With Nutrition Themed Promotional Products

custom portion plate


March is National Nutrition Month and there is no better way for a company to celebrate it than turning it into a way to promote their business. There are many ways you can capitalize on this celebration and help your business to grow. An easy and unique way to do this is through the use of nutrition themed promotional products.


Fitness Products

Fitness is a hot trend right now and it shows no sign of slowing down. Your company can use this trend in combination with seasonal giveaways that are geared towards fitness. Some examples of this include activity trackers with your company logo, jump ropes, exercise bands, and more. These are the kinds of items that people will use over and over again and by putting your logo on the items, you will stay in their minds after each use.

Nutrition in the Kitchen

Many people know that a healthy lifestyle starts in the kitchen. This is why it is always a great idea to consider storage containers for your unique promotional products. These are items that will be used at least once per week buy your customers, if not more. A popular item that many people use on a daily basis is the shaker bottle. It is good for healthy shakes and it is easy to put promotional information on them. Other items to consider are lunch containers, children’s portion plates, salad bowl sets, and collapsible bowls. Depending on your business, you can choose the right containers to use for your promotional goals.

Promotional Events

Another great way to get your name out there during this month is to either host a promotional event or take part in one. It is a great way to give away your promotional products. It is also a great way to educate your customers or potential customers and let them know that you care about their health. National Nutrition Month is the ideal time to give out items such as fruit diffusers, tumblers, and more to promote your business.

If you are interested in ordering promotional products for National Nutrition Month, please contact usto explore your options and determine the best promotional products for your business.

How to Copy and Paste the Trends- Onto Your Stuff

What’s the best way to keep up with the trends than to put it onto your stuff? We only know that any healthy and comfortable office spends its downtime chatting about the current times, joking about what’s going on, discussing the trends. Take an office-wide inside joke, or one of those “you had to be there” moments and paste in on to a company tee shirt, or lunch bags, or pens. There’s no better way to keep a trend trending around your office than a well-placed unique promotional product.


What’s even better than copying and pasting the trends onto you stuff? Having your company itself trend in your local community, of course. Get the word out by adding your brand to promotionaldrinkware. Once you’ve disseminated the drinkware all over town, creating good will among the recipients, you’ve also constructed a little network of billboards going up every time someone leans their head back to drink from their new cup or mug. You’ll develop a presence this way, keeping your brand close to mind. Every time someone is parched, reaches for their bottle of water, and takes a big swig, it’s a small, yet effective reminder. Associate your company with living water, perhaps.

With customizable styles and colors, you can make sure to find a look that matches your logo’s design and furthers your brand. For example, if you’re appealing to the sports-lover liable to drink a beer at a game or on the couch, you’ll probably best catch his eye with a beverage holder. Add camouflage and you’ll attract a hunter, no doubt about it. If your crowd is one that’s tough to keep up with because their so active, stay right alongside them with your logo on their water bottle. Keep your classy types satisfied with some good old fashioned quality glassware.

So get out there, and get your company trending not just on a social media level, but a collective consciousness level. Check out all the available promotional options to best spread the word!

It’s Never Too Soon To Be A Loyal Customer: How Logos Inspire Brand Recognition At An Early Age

Most parents have learned, often to their dismay, that children quickly learn to recognize the logos of their favorite fast food restaurants, toy stores, snacks and beverages. Example: You’re driving along and suddenly hear an excited squeal from the backseat as your youngster recognizes those famous golden arches, demanding you stop for some fries or nuggets!


Long before children learn to read, they learn to recognize familiar logos. This information is easily remembered and recalled and associations are made quickly. If a child has a positive experience he will file this information away and when presented with the logo again will automatically equate that logo with happiness, comfort, satisfaction, etc.

With this in mind, it’s truly never too early to help your littlest audience make positive associations with your logo. He or she may very well be future customers. It’s fairly common for children to grow up and patronize the same businesses their parents did. This isn’t just out of loyalty to their parent’s preferences. This is very much about their own personal associations with the business as children. Did they feel welcome? Did they have fun? These early experiences stay with a person, and influence future choices. You can help things along by keeping these little people in mind when choosing promotional products and giveaways.

Help make positive memories associated with your business logo. Here are some ideas:

Stuffed toys are associated with safety, security, warmth and friendship. These adorable plush toys are cuddly and soft and feature your logo. Perfect giveaway!

Help teach youngsters how to manage their money with these custom logo piggy banks.

Totes and bags make great promo giveaways, they are useful, fun and feature your logo.

So, when you are planning your next promo event, don’t forget the kids. Parents will appreciate it, too. If you are looking for great promo items, or need ideas for your next giveaway contact Promotion Pros to learn more about how promotional products can help build loyalty and recognition for your business.

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