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Charge up with the good, better, and best of Power Banks

Promotion Pros offers a variety of customizable technology options. Right now, one of our hottest products are promotional phone chargers. Who doesn't need a quick charge on the go? Want to know which one is right for you? Keep on scrollin'!



UL Listed Portable Charger 2200 mAH

Be ready to face any power challenges and impress your customers, by using the UL Listed Portable Charger. It charges most phones and MP3 players

Will charge most iPhones to 50%







Engergizer 5200 mAH Power Bank

Portable high-quality Lithium-ion battery in ABS plastic shell allows you to charge your devices virtually anywhere. Built in phone stand. It can also charge tablets.

Will charge most iPhones to 200%







Juice Box Pearl 8800 mAH Power Bank


Searching for the perfect gift for your tech savvy clients or employees? Then a branded Juice Box Pearl 8800mAh Power Bank is the way to go.  It can charge your phone and tablet at the same time

Will charge most iPhones to 500%



When ordering promotional products, it’s important to know what quality you want to get the best bang for your buck.  Shop all of our custom technology options to find more options of our good, better, and best!


Get More Mileage From Promotional Giveaways

Get More Mileage from Promotional Giveaways

This hack can result in “double duty” from your giveaways after the trade show dust has settled. 

Select a Unique Promotional Product – One They Can’t Leave Behind

You know the routine. Hundreds walk past your booth at a trade show. Everyone’s grabbing the “free stuff.” If your item doesn’t stand out, it’s left behind when all is done. Consider unique but useful items to get your message across when they get back home.

  • Pens – Laser-engraved wooden pens, classy and less “disposabl
  • Mobile Pockets –  Perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to carry a wallet/purse

Sure these are traditional categories, but a unique spin is the key. That, and the following hack to make them remember who you are.

The “Add-On” Hack For Promotional Items With Star Quality

Select giveaways with a clip or space to insert a digital business card with an event specific message, to extend a special offer to booth visitors. Whether its a thank you, or a brief note explaining why your company was there, you’re cutting through the noise of the event. Other message suggestions include:

  • Offer to make a charitable donation  of a certain percentage of their first purchase (perfect for cause related events)
  • Ship a box of promo items to their office if they email you their contact information within X days of the event
  • A referral promotion, asking them to share a card with a colleague and they’ll receive a discount

Be creative with your message and include a CTA. Trade show and conference crowds can prevent real customers from connecting with you, even if they stop at your booth. With a meaningful message strategically placed in a clip or pocket, your prospects will hear your message when things are quieter. It makes you stand out and gives you that one final chance to connect.

Looking for a unique promotional product to support your company’s branding in the best way possible? Give us a call to start promoting like a pro.

Planning a Holiday Office Party with Corporate Gifts that Spread Holiday Cheer

If you’re planning a holiday office party, you want to play a budget-friendly, fun event that everyone can enjoy. Without proper planning, your party can turn into a dud. You’ll want to make the holidays festive with an exciting party that employees will remember for positive reasons. Here’s a look at some helpful party planning tips and ideas you can use to choose the perfect corporate gifts to spread some holiday cheer in the office.


Come Up with a Theme or Party Style

Many holiday office parties fail because they don’t have a solid style or theme to use when planning. Come up with your style or theme first and it will set the tone for the entire party. Choose something that fits in with your corporate culture, whether it’s something hip and retro, fun and wacky, or classy and elegant. Going with an unexpected theme can be fun too, such as an ugly sweater party or a holiday fiesta theme.


Choose Festive Food to Set the Mood

Food is probably going to be the centerpiece of your party, so make sure you set the mood with festive food. Keep your budget in mind and then choose a catering option that will fit your team. Keep in mind that employees may have different food preferences and palates, so have a variety of food choices available to satisfy everyone.


Plan Some Fun Activities

The last thing you want is a boring holiday party. Make sure you plan some activities in advance to make sure everyone has fun and to ensure your employees interact with each other. Photo booths, icebreaker games, arts-and-crafts stations, or even slide shows with pictures from the corporate year can be great ways to get everyone to have a great time.


Pick Out the Perfect Corporate Gifts

Of course, the holiday season is the perfect time to give gifts to employees to show them how much you appreciate their hard work and loyalty. It’s essential to make sure you actually put some effort into choosing the perfect gift. Not only do you want to choose corporate gifts that fit your corporate culture, you want to go with gift options that employees will appreciate and use. Check out our corporate gift guide to find great corporate gift ideas and ensure you fill your employees with holiday cheer this year. 

Why are the Pantone Colors of the Season So Important?

Upcoming color trends every year are essentially set by Pantone. Every year, Pantone releases up to ten colors that they think will be trends and it almost always is the case. 2017 is no different and we already have some color predictions from Pantone.

Pantone Colors for Spring

For the spring season, Pantone has released a total of ten colors. These colors are earthy tones that are fairly subdued. However, there are some primary pops of color in the mix. The name of the colors already released for spring include Kale, Pink Yarrow, Greenery, Pale Dogwood, Island Paradise, Flame, Niagara, Lapis Blue, Hazelnut, and Primrose Yellow. Kale is the prominent color as it was released as the number one color of the season. You can see exactly what the colors look like for the season here as well as a gallery of ways you can use them in your home design. 

Why How Can You Incorporate These Into Your Business?

Most people in the business of fashion and design really pay attention to the Pantone colors that are released every year because their industries revolve around colors. However, as a business owner who invests in promotional products for customers, clients, and as part of a marketing plan, these Pantone colors are just as important. Pantone colors of the year are found everywhere once they are released and they not only become popular but they also become desired. Everyone wants to own something in at least one of the Pantone colors whether they realize it or not. Your promotional products are not different. Keeping up with the color trends will make your promotional products more desirable and will be more of a benefit for you.

How to Incorporate Them into Your Promotional Products

If you know the colors to look for, it is easier to find promotional products that include them. To incorporate them into your promotional products, it really is as easy as ensuring the colors are for the current season. You can be more flexible with items such as appareldrinkwarebags, and more. Whatever kind of promotional item you want to use for the upcoming season, you can likely find one in a Pantone color.

Here at Promotion Pros, we know the importance of these colors and will always work with you to find the exact product in the color you need. View our website to see what we have to offer.

Status Five Essential Office Accessories for the Remote Worker

In 2016, the remote warrior rules the workplace. You can still be promotional abroad, and you can still outfit your office area for on-the-go action. Sure, you might be desk-bound, but don’t give up hope to unpreparedness. Check out the five essential office accessories you need to keep the digital connection flowing, and don’t forget to maximize your online presence for day-to-day promotion.


Office Accessory One: A Quality Headset


A strong sense of self doesn’t end with Skype calls, digital meetings and real-time video chats. In fact, you can boost your promotional power by sticking it to your headset.


Quality headsets are an absolute must-have in today’s digital workplaces, and you should gun for headsets capable of offering sound depth, noise suppression, elevation and quality input options. Where promotion is considered, check out these removable stickers and decals. Place them over the headset, and rep your company’s brand while chatting up clients.

Office Accessory Two: Desk Accessories


Hear us out: Your sitting at your desk all day staring at nothing but...well your desk.  Why not spice it up a bit with some fun accessories.  Whether it's useful like a ruler or stressball, or completely fun like a dancing frog, you can showcase your companys brand on any of these items for brand visibility. 


Office Accessory Three: An iPad


No, a desktop isn’t enough. When working remotely, you’re better off displaying a sense of adaptability and portability. Pick up an iPad, and grab a nice folio while you’re at it. Synch any digital accounts, and be sure to secure them effectively. When transitioning from home office to brick-and-mortar meetings, carry your notes, addresses and important information on the tablet.


Office Accessory Four: An External Hard Drive


They’re cheap, and they’ll save your career in a pinch. As a remote worker, it’s your responsibility to secure information backup options. Grab a portable hard drive, and pack your promotional material on it. Digital banners, content and entire programs can be stored on an external hard drive. No, you won’t need an IT department to transfer the information. Simply hook it up to your desktop, drag and drop.


Office Accessory Five: A Promotional T-Shirt

In the digital age, a little conformity goes a long way. The remote work landscape is filled with random freelancers, so it’s important to represent your brand, company or third-party provider effectively. In fact, wearing a customized promotional t-shirt can revamp your entire online PR strategy. Whether you’re using Facebook or Skype to reach out, your viewers will want to see some official regalia.


Keep an open mind, because the world is filling with new remote workers daily. Create uniformity when being promotional, and give your clients and viewers a reason to come back!

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