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Curious About the Different Decorating Techniques?

When you’re searching for quality promotional items to represent your brand, you’ll find that there are specific printing techniques used for company logos and messages. You’ll often have various decorating options to choose from, whether you want apparel, awards, writing utensils or any other promo product. Keep reading for a brief breakdown of each printing and decorating technique.


Screen Print

Screen printing – often used on T-shirts and other apparel – is a method of pressing ink or another medium through a mesh screen, creating a printed image. This method of printing requires a relatively flat surface and can be used on bags, drinking cups, lunch bags and more.





Pad Print

Pad printing is a process where an image is transferred from a photo etched plate to a silicone pad, that then transfers ink to the promotional object. One color is printed at a time. The pad can wrap 180 degrees around an object, making it ideal for piggy banks, flashlights, kitchen utensils and other various shaped objects.






Four Color Process Print

Four color process printing is a method where a color image is separated into 4 colors – cyan, magenta, yellow and black. This method reproduces the image on a specialty film that is then permanently bonded to nearly any product. This particular printing process is recommended for electronic device covers, can coolers or any company logo with intricate details.








Transfer Print

With transfer printing, an image is printed onto special paper that is then transferred to a product using a heat press. The print is reproduced on the surface layer of the promotional product. This method is ideal for tote bags, and allows quick printing of full-color images. 







Embroidery is a method of decorating using a needle and thread. A logo design or image is converted into a digital format that an embroidery machine can read. The machine then embroiders the image onto the product. This high quality method of decorating allows for sturdy and long-lasting brand recognition on multiple items including blankets, polo shirts, jackets and more.







The process of debossing creates an indentation of a logo or image in a product. The design is pressed into the promotional product, creating a permanent stamp. This is ideal for executive level gifts such as tumbler sleeves, leather coasters and more.

Embossing creates a raised design on a product by pressing the image or logo from underneath. The raised logo can be left as is or can have ink applied. This process is used for shirts, office supplies and more.




Laser Engraved

The process of laser engraving uses light to burn an image onto an object. The imprint color may vary depending on the material, and laser engraving can be used on various material including plastics, metals, woods, glass and more. This method is often used when printing on clocks, professional pens and other promo products









Foil Stamped

Foil stamping is a printing process where heat, pressure, and a metallic paper (foil) are used to create different designs and graphics on various materials. Metal dies are heated and then stamped with pressure so that a thin layer of foil is sealed to the product. Each color is applied separately to create the final design and it’s often used on paper bags and other paper products.




No matter what product and print style you choose, Promotion Pros has you covered. We have thousands of promotional products available in every color imaginable, and we’ll add the perfect finishing touch with our professional decorating and printing techniques.

The New Wave of Promotional Apparel

Promotional apparel has come a long way from generic plain white t-shirts. Today, there are countless things you can do in order for your t-shirts and other types of promotional apparel to stand out.

Port Authority Men's Short Sleeve Pique Polo 

Bright Colors and New Materials

One of the trends surrounding promotional apparel today are bright colors. Everywhere you look, you will see neon and pastel apparel. Some of these pieces are made from a specific brand while others are the ones you have been used to, just with new life. They are easy to put your brand or message on and they stand out from other promotional items. In addition to the bright colors, there are also new materials to choose form. You do not have to stick with the same kind of cotton you have in the past. You can choose higher quality fabric and materials.



Expansion of Promotional Apparel

In addition to the new range available for things such as shirts and hoodies, companies can now choose all kinds of different apparel. No matter what you need, you can probably find it. Some examples of items used as promotional apparel today include hatssocksponchos, and even scarves. If you want it for your promotional product, you will not have any trouble finding it.

Port Authority Ladies Interlock CardiganUnique Decorating Locations 

Realistically, who will wear a sweater with your company’s logo around for years to come?  Probably not many people unless they have a personal affiliate with your brand. The new trend in the industry is unique imprint locations.  Many women won't want the traditional left chest embroidery.  Why not try a fun lapel or left hip decoration?  Imprinting on the upper arm is also a fun way to keep your brand in focus, but not front and center.  Which ensures the recipient of this piece will keep it in their wardrobe.

The Opportunities are Endless

With so many new trends in the world of promotional apparel, you really have the opportunity to stand out in the industry. You also have more opportunities to incorporate promotional apparel into things such as events and more. If you are supporting a local baseball team, you can get a baseball hat made to give away at the games. The same is true about designing shirts for specific events. Because you can utilize many more colors than you were able to in the past, you can create many more shirts that will stand out. The opportunities are endless and there is so much more you can gain from these new promotional apparel trends. 

If you are looking for a way to take your business and marketing to the next level, Promotion Pros is the perfect place to start planning your different options. Take a look around our promotional apparel online and see if there is anything that may meet your specific needs. Have a retail piece you love?  Challenge us to find something that can match up.  We would love the opportunity to help you design the perfect apparel promotional products. 

Good, Better, Best of Promotional Drinkware


Promotion Pros offers a variety of customizable drinkware options. Right now, one of our hottest products are promotional stainless steel bottles. Want to know which one is right for you? Keep on scrollin'!


Good – 21 oz Aluminum Chroma Bottle

This 21 oz. bottles not only catch your eye, but they are also BPA free! Plus they have a spill resistant lid.

Keeps drink cold for 1 hour.








Better --- 24 oz. Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Looking to personalize your stainless steel bottles? Print your logo on one side of this 24 oz. BPA free bottle, and personalize the other side at no extra cost to you!

Keeps drink cold for 24 hours.





Best—30 oz. Arctix Vacuum Tumbler

If you're looking for the best Stainless Steel Bottle, you've found it. It has 18-8 vacuum sealed insulation, a leak-proof screw-on lid, and a open/close push button locking closure.
One year limited warranty

Keeps drink cold for 48 hours.




When ordering promotional products, it’s important to know what quality you want to get the best bang for your buck.  Shop all of our custom drinkware to find more options of our good, better, and best!

Relax and Unwind with Promotional Essential Oils and Diffusers

Given all of life’s stresses, it’s important to have a place where you can sit-back, relax and unwind from all that’s weighing down on you. Almost any room in your home can serve as a pleasant spot to de-stress, if you have essential oils and diffusers. These products transform the ambiance and mood of plain spaces into sanctuaries. They also make for high-quality, branded promotional items at corporate giveaways.


Pure Scented Essential Oils

Essential oils not only have intriguing aromas, but they also have the power to help you overcome various ailments. For instance, clove oil eases respiratory problems, while lavender oil relaxes the body and lemon oil cleanses the body. Having muscle pain, no problem. Eucalyptus oil helps relieve the pain and peppermint oil reduces muscle ache. These oils can start you down the path to recovery from the troubles of your daily grind, making them great promotional products and custom giveaways.







Reed Diffusers

Another way to freshen up living spaces is through the use of reed diffusers, which come with 10 wooden diffusers for maximum effectiveness. Available scents include clove, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon and peppermint. Each of these scents has the same healing properties as the essential oil aromas, allowing you to unwind in much the same way. Reed diffusers are good for home and workout spaces, plus they make for unique promotional products. You can even give out a diffuser with your company logo to clients, which will create feelings of goodwill towards your business. Include your corporate logo and brand name to spread your brand awareness with the fragrance.




Electronic Aroma Diffusers

If you’re looking for a sophisticated aroma device, then electronic aroma diffusers are just what you need. These diffusers use the same five scents as mentioned above, plus they come with two different light settings. The device works simply by mixing essential oils with water, which makes it easy to use at home or in the office.  Include your corporate logo and brand name to spread your brand awareness with the fragrance.








Don’t let stress keep you from enjoying your life, especially when there are simple, effective ways to calm your nerves. Relax and unwind with essential oils and diffusers, and watch stress fade away from your daily routine. For additional product information on promotional products, please contact us today.

Holiday Corporate Gift Guide

It’s about time to prepare for the holiday season and plan out your gift giving. The key to a wonderful gift isn’t whether it’s expensive or on the more affordable side – what matters is that you put a little thought into it. It’s important to make your clients and employees feel appreciated for their loyalty and hard work.


If you’re in the health and lifestyle industry, perhaps custom fitness equipment is what your customers are hoping for. Those in the business sector might have their fingers crossed for some personalized desk accessories to organize their work lives. And any number of employees – including those in construction, automotive or hardware – would likely appreciate multi-tools and tool kits.


No matter your industry, we have your holiday gift giving covered! We’ve come up with a great list of potential gifts for you to consider this holiday season.


BambooCheese Server

You can’t go wrong when gifting promotional bamboo products. And one of our favorites is the Bamboo Cheese Server Set. Who doesn’t love setting out a cheese platter for holiday gatherings and company parties? This eco-friendly bamboo cutting board features a perfect-sized cracker dish and high-quality stainless steel cheese knife, the perfect combination gift to present to employees and clients. 


Riedel Wine SetRiedel Wine Set

Many people enjoy a glass of wine, and our wine accessories will bring about smiles and appreciative clients. If you want to present a classy gift, look no further than the Riedel Overture Magnum Wine Set. This gorgeous wine gift set comes packaged in the ever popoular Riedel branded box.  Made from fine quality machine-made non-lead crystal construction.






Embroidered Blanket

Gifting a high-quality blanket is always a winning idea, especially during the holiday season when temperatures are cool. Our Embroidered Oversize Sherpa Blanket is dual sided, so recipients can choose which side to cozy up with and wrap around themselves. One side is a comfortable faux lamb’s wool and the other is a luxurious faux micro-mink. This embroidered blanket makes an ideal gift that is not only durable, it’s machine washable as well.




 Water Set

Looking for elegance? You’ve found it with our Ambassador Water Set, which features a single logo imprint. The gorgeous shape of this glass water pitcher will make an impression on the recipient and it makes a wonderful Christmas gift. A stylish 7 ounce tumbler is included with the personalized glass pitcher, which can double as a weighted stopper.








 Bluetooth Speaker

We have a huge selection of tech accessories for technophiles, including chargers, earbuds, and more. Some of our most popular gift items are the selection of Bluetooth speakers like our RoxBox Duet Bluetooth Speaker. This amazing little device has a built in sub-woofer and mic and features a USB cable and audio jack. Not only does this small speaker play great tunes from your electronic device, it’s easy to use and makes a terrific gift for employees.







 Mobile Charger

While we’re talking tech, be sure to check out our Mobile Charger with LED Light & Retractable Earbuds Set. This cool gift set includes earphones and a charger with an ultra-bright flashlight. This mobile charger has an incredible lifespan of 500 charges, perfect for those who travel and are often on the road. With its safety light, this audio set is also great for those who run in the evenings after a long work day.






Journal Gift Set

For anyone who may not be a tech-savvy, we also offer more traditional gift set as well. For example, our Ecological Gift Set includes a journal and pocket planner for those who prefer to write out appointments and personal notes. Even better, this notebook is printed on 100% recycled paper and includes a bookmark, magnetic tab closure and pen loop for your recipient to add her favorite pen. The spiral bound pages of the week-in-view planner ensure ease-of-use and quick flipping of pages.





 Coaster Set

If you want your clients and employees to relax and not worry about electronic gadgets and appointment reminders, how about something beautiful for them to enjoy at home? Enter our Beveled Optic Crystal Coasters. This elegant set features high-quality glass that will not stain no matter what drink the coasters hold. This set of 4 coasters is made from a combination of optic crystal and glass with a single logo imprint.





Card Case & Stylus Set

Timeless meets current trends with our Fairview Leather Card Case and Stylus Pen Gift Set. The leather card case holds business cards or credit cards and is made from cowhide leather with nylon trim. The twist action copper pen features a silicone rubber Stylus for touchscreen mobile devices including smart phones and iPads. The pen and card case come in an elegant gift box, perfect for gifting to businesswomen and businessmen to whom you want to express some gratitude.




Peppermint Oreo Cookies

The holiday season just isn’t the holiday season without passing out some delicious goodies. The festive 4 Piece White Chocolate Peppermint Oreo Cookies set is the perfect gift to give when you’re just not sure, because –let’s face it – who doesn’t love a Christmas treat? This peppermint gift box features a four color process logo attached to a red ribbon and is sure to become a company favorite.



Hot Cocoa Set

If you’d rather offer your recipients something they can enjoy immediately and not a gift that will clutter their home, this Curvy Hot Cocoa Set is the perfect choice. With two curvy style tumblers hot cocoa mix, this is the ideal Christmas gift for customers you want to thank. The included mini whisk helps mix up the powder in the tumblers, for the perfect holiday season drink.








Tree Ornament

An inexpensive and adorable gift idea for employees is our 9” Wooden Ornament that will decorate their tree for years to come. This Christmas tree ornament features a full color graphic and is made from a 1/4 inch sheet of wood. The ornament comes with a gold, red or silver cord that allows for easy hanging wherever the recipient chooses – whether on a tree or in a window.





Shopping for the perfect gift that shows gratitude and represents your company at the same time doesn’t need to be complicated. Employees and clients will appreciate a personalized gift that shows thoughtfulness. Put a little thought and consideration into the perfect custom holiday gift and you’ll build lifetime relationships.

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