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Help Your clients and Your Employees Improve Their Health

Whether it’s a company gift to employees, or a promotional product that takes advantage of the exercise and fitness boom we’re seeing today, fruit infuser water bottles are a giveaway that’s are a hit with pretty much everyone.  From office workers, to sales people on the road, to licensed professionals, everyone is carrying their water with them. These infuser bottles allow them to take their water, and add a healthy boost of vitamins and flavor by adding fresh fruit or vegetables. Some common combinations include:

At a recent tradeshow, the booth with the water infusers was the booth with the waiting line before the event even opened! Postcards featuring the bottles were sent ahead of time, a great example of taking advantage of a trend, and guaranteeing people will stop by your booth.

You may think, “a water bottle’s a water bottle”, but with something as unique as this, people consider it their “go-to” bottle. Our Pure Flavour 2 Go product withstands sub-zero temps, so it’s a great solution for people during the summer. Fill the bottle and freeze for a chilly way to stay hydrated and refreshed throughout the day. The bottle also withstands boiling temperatures, so works as a tea infuser, too. Drop an herbal or green tea bag into the infuser with the fruit, then pour hot water into the bottle to get flavorful hot tea, or chill for a great iced fruit tea treat.

When you’re looking for unique promotional products, and want to take advantage of the current trends, Promotion Pros have many ideas that will connect with your clients. Looking for something special? Give us a call, for assistance in picking the perfect promotional products for your business today.

Brand the Workplace, Spread the Word!

Office branding is a trend today. It gets tricky though because employees hear it as a loss of their “personal space” and individuality. Introduced correctly, your employees will understand, and anyone visiting your space will come away with a solid feel for your brand; who you are, what you do, and how you do it.

Why Brand?

Collections and Hobbies Aren’t Appropriate for the Office

The average company allows employees to display family photos, souvenirs, and their choice of desk and office supplies. Usually these are obtained from favorite local businesses, or promotional items they’ve picked up at a trade show. These items are fun, but they show someone else’s brand. Meaning, you missed an opportunity to tell your customer who you are and how your company does business. It’s also distracting when collections and tchotchkes take over an office; a CFO’s penchant for collecting golf balls, a department head whose a major Tampa Rays fan, or even a receptionist with an amazing collection of cat figurines. That may be all someone really remembers after visiting that employee’s work space. The opportunity to promote your brand got lost among the other messages they saw. Personalizing a workspace gives an employee a sense of belonging and appreciation, but it can get out of hand very quickly.

Get a Cohesive, Professional Look with Branded Promotional Office Supplies

It’s more than a pen and some stationery

Branding a workspace involves more than promotional products, but they’re a simple way to get started. You’ll improve the professional look of your space and ensure that people remember your company. Following are a few items to help with your office branding while leaving room for employees to retain a bit of individuality.

  • Pens – Order extras. They always walk away
  • Coffee Mugs – Perfect for office, or boardroom
  • Business Card Holders – No desk is complete without one
  • Calendars – A great branding opportunity

Order extra to give away. It’ll spread the word about your company beyond the office door. Wondering how to brand your office space with promotional office products? Give us a call. We have many ideas to help support and define your brand.

3 Tips for Throwing an Impressive Holiday Company Party

So you were given the task of throwing the holiday company party. This assignment is your opportunity to impress. Make the boss remember who you are finally, get your office crush’s attention, or inspire an office-wide chant of your name. It’s all possible, and we’ve got some ideas on how to make it happen.

1. Make a good first impression

By that, I mean atmosphere, and the best way to guarantee a festive vibe is to go all out with your holiday decor. There are certain holiday staples to start with like wreaths, snowflakes, and a Christmas tree. As you begin to choose out of the many styles of these decorations, let a theme start forming around your selections. You can also individualize your party with some custom ornaments with your company’s name and logo on it. Overall, the goal is transform the space you’re given so that when your coworkers arrive and take in the room, they’ll adopt a party attitude right away.

2. Keep the party going

The key to throwing a great party is to give it structure without becoming one of those sticklers who interrupts everyone’s conversations just to do the raffle. Instead, read the room. Mention the events coming up “later on” rather than adhering to a rigid schedule. And tis the season–these events can be a good time to give gifts and spread the holiday cheer. Give out candyfestive snacks, and maybe acouple bigger gifts, or even a specialized trophy to the people you appreciate like employees of the year, bosses, and your employees.

3. Leave a Lasting Impression

Throw a great party and people will talk about it for months. Give them a swag bag at the end and they’ll have something to always remember it by. Whether it’s company apparelmugs and glasses, or novelties and toys, they’ll have great memories and a warm feeling in the midst of the cold holiday season.

Getting your Santa on? Check out all of our holiday gift ideas, and unique promotional products!

It’s Time To Cozy Up To These Fresh, New Looks For Winter

The weather is chilly and wintertime fun is underway. Whether you are frolicking in the newly fallen snow or getting cozy by the fire, nothing beats a nice, new winter fleeze, hoodie or scarf.

Each year, most people find that they need to update their winter wardrobe with at least a few new items. Whether it be a new pullover to wear at work, or a new knitted beanie to keep your ears warm during outings, winter apparel is necessary to keep warm and comfortable all season long.

For those who are looking to incorporate some team spirit into their daily wear, or business owners looking for winter promotional gifts, Promotion Pros has an incredible variety of winter apparel to suit any style.

Promotional apparel has evolved to meet discerning tastes and style demands. You will find current, trend-savvy items made of quality materials that will please even the most picky. Gone are boring or uncomfortable garments. Promotion Pros offers up fashionable favorites such as the Eddie Bauer ladies hooded soft shell parka and Ladies Crystal Mountain jacket.

Work or play, there is a fleece that fits. From sherpa-lined zip hoodies to the Eddie Bauer Mens full-zip fleece in a variety of colors, warm, easy care fleece takes you from work to the weekend effortlessly.

For smaller promotional apparel items that will get plenty of use, look no further than cozy knit and fleece hats. When the temperature drops, people need to keep their heads warm!

Whatever your needs, the experts at Promotion Pros are there to help you choose just the right winter apparel and promotional products to fit your business. Call them today to get started.

Corporate Gifts That Keep On Giving

Rules around giving corporate holiday gifts vary from company to company. If your Board or Senior Management team receive a holiday gift, why not give one they’ll use all year long, and look forward to receiving again in the coming year!

Recognizing the Tech Lover

These days almost everyone carries a mobile device (only one?)! Many carry two phones, a tablet and more. It gets crazy traveling from meeting to meeting, with phones, pens, notes, and thumb drives. Why not consider a tech-friendly padfolio for your management team? With ours, there’s room for two mobile devices, and yes paper for those who like to take notes the old-fashioned way. No last minute hunting on a busy desk for a phone or the latest revision of a presentation. With your choice of colors and a solar calculator included, this promotional product could become THE holiday gift this year.

A Touch of Class for the Office

There’s a growing trend to “brand the work space” in today’s offices. Trying to declutter a desktop, keep everyone’s office representative of your brand, and add a touch of class can be easier when note pads and business card holders are consistent. Avoid the traditional heavier wood and brass, and opt for a cut glass desk set. These unique promotional products add a sparkle and feeling of elegance to any workspace, from modern to traditional.

Sometimes Traditional Is the Perfect Option

If your company has a monetary limit on corporate gifts, consider giving the traditional “with a boost”! A tower of treats for everyone to share. This usually addresses the issue of monetary value tied to a gift, and allows you to not only recognize senior management, but their entire team, who no doubt provided support throughout the year. This type of gift is something that brings a team together and lets them know that you appreciate the work they do.

Wondering what the perfect corporate gift is for your management team? Give us a call. We’ve got gift specialists standing by to help you select a unique promotional product they’ll enjoy all year long.

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