Who Let The Dogs Out - Get Out There With Them!

Today, being active is the goal, whether to lose weight, de-stress, or just get outdoors. National Walk Your Dog Week,  founded in 2010 by Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Advocate Colleen Paige, helps dog owners and their dogs do exactly that. 

Walking Alleviates Stress for Everyone, Even the Dog!

Be honest, a quick walk around the block isn't enough activity for you OR Fido.  But 30 minutes of walking, three times a week, lowers blood pressure and can reduce your weight by 5% (15% for your doggy partner). Amazing, right? In fact, lack of exercise can also result in destructive behavior, aggression and separation anxiety for a dog. National Dog Week strives to help build a habit to prevent those issues. When your business acknowledges that health connection between owner and dog, you connect with real life for your customers. Sponsor an event in your area and consider our woven pet collars with your pet store, veterinary hospital or boarding kennel logo, as a giveaway. 

Promote Healthy Pets by Holding Your Own Event

Celebrate National Walk Your Dog Week by starting your own event! Collapsi-Bowls are an obvious choice for pet fundraisers, doggy walks, or even offering as an item for sale in the weeks leading up to the celebration. They're perfect for hikes and a quick drink on the go. The carabiner makes them an ideal take along that can clip to a belt, our silk-screened logo leash or even a doggy backpack! 

Bag dispensers are another great gift idea that not only promotes health and walking but also keeps trails and parks clean. No celebrations in your community? Consider the great ideas found on the National Walk Your Dog site! From costume parades, to library walks, to hospital visits, there are many ways to get out there with the dogs and promote health for owners and their furry companions! 

Celebrating National Walk Your Dog Week and looking for a way to make your presence memorable? Give us a call today, we've got lots of great ideas and are waiting to help.


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