Leftover Promotional Items? Here's What To Do!

Having extra promotional items around the office after a giveaway or trade show can be beneficial for both employee morale and from a brand recognition standpoint. These three ways to use the extras you may have left over might make you want to increase your promotional item orders in the future.

Hold Contests for Employees

Depending on exactly what you have left over, your employees might really appreciate receiving promotional items as a reward for meeting certain goals, or as a prize in an office contest. While a pen with your company's logo probably will not suffice, something like a sweatshirt or a set of golf balls would be appealing to most people.

Give Walk-in Visitors a Gift

Being able to give out little "Thanks for stopping by" gifts can turn visitors into customers, or at the very least help spread the word about your business. This type of giveaway item probably does not need to be very expensive and can be as simple as a branded pen or stress-relief ball.

Show Your Customers You Value Their Business

Perhaps the best way to use extra promotional items is to give them to your current customers. People who already use your services will appreciate getting something a little extra in addition to what your normally provide them. Generally, the nicer the gift, the more they will use it and remember who gave it to them. Giving customers pieces of clothing can turn them into walking billboards for your company, which tends to be a popular option or giving them leftover specialized gifts can lead to increased business in the future.

Learn more about how promotional items can be used, and browse from our selection of hundreds of different brandable items, by visiting our website PromotionPros.com. You might be surprised at exactly what kind of products you can have personalized with your business' name and logo.

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