Welcome Employees on Board with New Employee Welcome Kits

You spend a lot of money finding the perfect new employee for your company – make sure they feel appreciated and welcome once they’re hired. To help your new employees acclimate to your company, consider creating new employee welcome kits that not only welcome employees, but show them more about your values, company culture, and what they can expect on the job. While every company’s kits will be unique, here’s a look at some great promotional products you can add to your kits to help new employees get a great start to their journey with your company.

Company T-Shirts

Make sure your new employees start feeling like a part of the team by adding a personalized company t-shirt to their welcome kit. It’s easy to create t-shirts with your company logo so newbies instantly feel like they fit in with everyone else.


Customized Drinkware

Customized drinkware is a perfect addition to employee welcome kits. Water bottles make great options so you make sure employees can easily stay hydrated. Coffee mugs with the company logo are also a great choice, particularly if you offer free coffee to your employees as a nice perk to boost productivity.


Desk Calendars

You’re going to be keeping your employees busy, so consider adding desk calendars to your kits. Sure, many people us digital calendars, but many people still like to keep track of important dates and tasks on paper.



Hopefully your company is offering orientation to help new employees get acclimated. Make it easy for them to take notes by adding customized notebooks to their welcome kit. They’ll be able to write down important information that they learn as they go through new employee activities and classes.


Customized Bags

You’ll need something to keep everything in the welcome kit together, and customized bags are the perfect solution. Choose a bag that fits with your business. If you’re a fitness company, put the welcome kit in a gym bag. Casual companies may prefer to create the kit in a nice tote with the company logo on it. Cooler bags, business bags, and backpacks are also great options to consider.




Have some fun coming up with the items you put in your new employee welcome kits. Make sure they’ll make employees feel excited about working for your company while ensuring items are practical as well. Start finding the perfect promotional products for your kits today by visiting Promotion Pros.

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