Trade Show Hacks: 7 Essentials You Need for Every Trade Show

Heading to trade shows offers your business a great way to bring in more leads, but you need to be well prepared for the show before you go. Trade shows and conventions mean long days, so you’ll need a few trade show tips to ensure you are ready for anything that may come your way during the day. Whether it’s your first time or you’re an experienced pro at trade shows, here are a few trade show essentials to have on hand, from name tags to unique promotional products.  


Essential #1 – Attractive Table Covering

Creating an attractive, welcoming, area that stands out at the trade show is important, and an attractive table cover can ensure your booth looks great throughout the day. Personalize your table cover to show off your business name and logo so it’s easy for new leads to remember.


Essential #2 – Name Tags

Make everyone on your team approachable to attendees by making sure everyone wears name tags. This lets you make sure people can identify your name and company, ensuring easier interaction.


Essential #3 – Signs and Banners

You’ll also need some signs and banners for your trade show so you can make your booth look great while showing off important information. Use signs and banners for essential information about services, products, and methods of contact. Attractive signs will also help you stand out.


Essential #4 – Custom Apparel

Of course, it’s also essential to make sure that your team looks professional, and a uniform look makes it easy to identify the people who are a part of your company. Go with custom apparel that looks great with your booth and that brings together your brand image.


Essential #5 – Hand Sanitizer

You’re going to be shaking hands throughout the day, so hand sanitizer is a must. Make sure you have some available for all your team members.


Essential #6 – Snacks and Drinks

Trade shows can last for hours, and you need to make sure you stay hydrated and full. Choose some healthy snacks that will keep you going throughout the day and have plenty of water on hand for your team.


Essential #7 – Fun Giveaway Promotional Products

Don’t forget to have some fun giveaway promotional products, since great giveaways is an essential part of trade shows. Choose promotional giveaways that look great and that will ensure you’re remembered by prospective leads.


Make sure you’re well prepared for your next conference or trade show with these helpful trade show hacks. Prepare today by ordering your unique promotional products early so you’re ready to make the most of your trade show experience.  

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