The Promo Item That Gets Exposure 365 Days Of The Year

custom calendarYou have been wracking your brain trying to determine where you should focus your promotional giveaway budget for the year. Promotional items are supposed to be, well, promotional, and you want to make sure you choose an item that is going to be seen, be used and get the exposure needed to keep your business top-of-mind all year long.

So what is the answer?

The answer is calendars. Yes, the one thing that is virtually guaranteed to get exposure for your company 365 days of the year. Think about it. Calendars are used every single day.

The average home has at least 3 calendars in it. So if you are concerned that people will already have a calendar, don’t be. People have calendars in their kitchens, bedrooms, home offices, etc.

People use calendars to keep track of appointments, holidays, to-do lists and more. Calendars are an indispensable item that anyone and everyone uses.  It makes sense that if your company logo and contact information are on the calendar, your customers will be more likely to think of you when they need products or services that you offer.

Another good thing about calendars is the sheer variety of themes. There is a calendar to suit every taste, hobby and passion. It is important when selecting promo calendars to keep your target audience in mind. What would the majority of your customers relate with or find interesting or entertaining? Err on the conservative side any time there is a question.

When planning your promo giveaway for the upcoming year, remember that calendars are something used by nearly every one, every day. For more information on promotional products contact us today.

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