Small Business Giveaways – You Don’t Have to Break the Bank to Compete

If you’re a small business, and rely on your local community for income, you’re in luck. While it may seem that box stores, franchises and local chains have the competitive edge in brand recognition and advertising dollars, there is one way you can compete and get your name out there in a way that many times is just plain not cost effective for them.

Unique Promotional Giveaways, Every Small Business’s Friend

That’s right, your customers are your greatest asset, and can help you spread the word while thanking them for their business. From pens, to note pads, to calendars and more, thanking your customers with a branded gift they use daily, is a great way to spread the word. When customers are happy, they let their friends know. Who doesn’t want to be the “go to” person when someone is looking for a great hardware store, car guy, or salon? Those same people will also act as your spokesperson when they pull out their cell phone with a branded cover. Someone will ask about it and you’ve got yourself a referral.

Feet on the Street: You’re In Their Community, Let Them Know It

You’ve got the community edge; a direct connection with the people you do business with. You can make decisions based on that specific community’s need. Particularly harsh winter? Offer an ice scraper giveaway to get folks in the door. Summer heat hitting everyone in town? Offer water bottlesor fans at a local festival.  Use them as giveaways to sponsor a local ball team. You know your community’s needs right now, and you’re there with “feet on the street”, in the heart of things that matter to your customers and prospective customers. And you can act faster than some executive sitting at a desk in a remote corporate office.

With speedy turnaround we’re ready to help you select the perfect promotional items for your company/community. Give us a call next time you need to spread the word about your business. We’ve got a range of items to meet your needs, and your budget.

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