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Here at Promotion Pros we have over 5,000 products on our website… whoa. Sifting through to find the perfect product for your new giveaway or event can be time consuming.  Why not take advice from the Pros?

We have taken the time to pick out our favorite products from our website.  Trust me even that was hard!





"For the past 40 years I have struggled to find a water bottle that could keep my water cold all day while I am on duty for The National Ski Patrol. I have finally found a perfect bottle! It keeps my water cold all day and 32 oz is the perfect amount.  I also love it because it’s personalized with Promotion Pro’s logo as well as my name. The name engraving really comes in handy, since all my ski patrol buddies joke about stealing it from me."

- Mike

Customizable 32oz Wide Mouth Vacuum Bottle







"I’m always on the run going here and there and it’s hard to keep my phone charged. Sure I could constrain myself to a wall, but that is so inconvenient. This little guy is my Mr. Convenient! I keep it in my purse and now I never need to search for a spare outlet. This power pack contains enough juice to fully charge my phone two times!  Plus I have an awesome digitally printed logo on it."


UL Certified 4400 mAh Force Power Bank








"This is the BEST travel tumbler ever made! Lock it and throw it in your purse, bag, or one of Yvonne’s favorite totes. Nothing ever leaks or spills! I have been with Promotion Pros for eight years and I can’t tell you how many sample travel mugs I have went through. After I got this one the rest went in the garbage!!!!!!!! Can you tell how serious I am by all of the exclamation points?! Seriously! This is a must buy!"


16 oz Contigo Westloop Stainless Steel Tumbler








"The promotional products that I personally get the most use out of are the soft sided coolers. They come in many colors, shapes and sizes. The sizes range from lunch/snack coolers to 12-24 can coolers. They are easy to use, easy to carry and they keep everything cold for hours at a time. So, while I’m out in the hot sun, on the boat, or at a tailgate party, I’ll pass you a drink because you know it will be cold."


Ice River Seat Cooler







"I can always find a use for a tote bag.  I use them while shopping for groceries, especially the insulated ones. They also come in handy for sporting events, whether it’s for the kid’s baseball cleats, an extra set of clothes or to haul some snacks in. What’s baseball without peanuts?"  


Insulated Large Non-Woven Grocery Tote






"Out of all of the promotional products on our site, these pens have to be my favorite.  I know, "you picked a pen?"  Yes I did!  There is onthing better than writing with a heavy pen that writes smooth.  Plus, the rose gold is so stylish.  Hopefully I'll get some soon with our own logo!"


Crown Collection 52 Metal Pen Set






Anytime you need Promotional Products, come to the Pros for product suggestions and to hear about our new favorites!

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