Planning a Tradeshow Booth? Don't Forget These Essentials

Tradeshows are a great way to connect with new customers and size up the competition in your industry.

If you don't have the right booth, tradeshows might also be a great way to sink a lot of resources into standing around bored. Avoid being just another dull booth in a long row by following these essential tips.

1. Dare to Be Different

Of course, that sounds like obvious advice rather than an insider tip. However, standing out from the crowd means looking different from everyone else.

As attendees scan the area and decide where to visit, being noticed is a must. Make sure that your entire display--from table covers and tabletop displays to tents and flags--makes a statement.

When you put your creative team to work, keep in mind that a versatile booth will be the best way to maximize your resources. Incorporating adjustable and flexible elements that can be scaled up or down to accommodate different sizes is a must.

Plus, using technology to maximize interactions will not only make great use of space, it will also keep the visitors coming.

2. Creative Messaging

As much as people enjoy collecting the awesome swag at a tradeshow, the real reason they are there is to learn about your company.

Make sure your messaging is not only informative, but also interesting to the observer. Think about the many ways that people like to be entertained and most of them will include some sort of storytelling. 

Your company or your brand has a story to tell, and the people you are trying to reach have a need that you can meet.

Focus on demonstrating how you can meet those needs with interesting stories that connect with real people. Whether it's through bold banners and displays, fun games, or interactive demonstrations, humanizing who you are and what you do will always make a big impact.

3. Speaking of Swag...

If you want to make a big impact at a tradeshow, leading the loot giveaways is an easy way to get there.

There's no shame in the giveaway game either as we all know that savvy gifts will not only draw in plenty of visitors to your booth, but also keep your name in the conversation for weeks afterward.

The trick to getting the giveaways right is to choose something that makes sense for your brand while also offering the visitor something they can use.

Pens and thumb drives are simple and effective, but a sweet pair of shades or a mini personal mister at a sunny outdoor show might be a little more welcome--and memorable. Plus, your giveaways don't all have to be the same.

Consider shelling out for a few really nice pieces to use as a grand giveaway or as prizes for games to keep the interest up over time.

Promotions that Work

Customized giveaways are not only part of the tradeshow experience, but they are also a great way to get your name out there and attract new customers.

Your promotional products can be as unique as you are--from rain ponchos to sewing kits. When it's time to get ready for your next trade show, count on the experts at Promotion Pros to make sure your swag bags are a hit.

Are you still unsure what you need for your next trade show, career fair, or othe event?  Download our 2017 Trade Show Guide and learn all about the promotional products that you need!

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