Planning a Holiday Office Party with Corporate Gifts that Spread Holiday Cheer

If you’re planning a holiday office party, you want to play a budget-friendly, fun event that everyone can enjoy. Without proper planning, your party can turn into a dud. You’ll want to make the holidays festive with an exciting party that employees will remember for positive reasons. Here’s a look at some helpful party planning tips and ideas you can use to choose the perfect corporate gifts to spread some holiday cheer in the office.


Come Up with a Theme or Party Style

Many holiday office parties fail because they don’t have a solid style or theme to use when planning. Come up with your style or theme first and it will set the tone for the entire party. Choose something that fits in with your corporate culture, whether it’s something hip and retro, fun and wacky, or classy and elegant. Going with an unexpected theme can be fun too, such as an ugly sweater party or a holiday fiesta theme.


Choose Festive Food to Set the Mood

Food is probably going to be the centerpiece of your party, so make sure you set the mood with festive food. Keep your budget in mind and then choose a catering option that will fit your team. Keep in mind that employees may have different food preferences and palates, so have a variety of food choices available to satisfy everyone.


Plan Some Fun Activities

The last thing you want is a boring holiday party. Make sure you plan some activities in advance to make sure everyone has fun and to ensure your employees interact with each other. Photo booths, icebreaker games, arts-and-crafts stations, or even slide shows with pictures from the corporate year can be great ways to get everyone to have a great time.


Pick Out the Perfect Corporate Gifts

Of course, the holiday season is the perfect time to give gifts to employees to show them how much you appreciate their hard work and loyalty. It’s essential to make sure you actually put some effort into choosing the perfect gift. Not only do you want to choose corporate gifts that fit your corporate culture, you want to go with gift options that employees will appreciate and use. Check out our corporate gift guide to find great corporate gift ideas and ensure you fill your employees with holiday cheer this year. 

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