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Customers and clients love free stuff. Who doesn't? Even better is when your business offers free stuff that carries your identity, your motto, your logo. That's where we at Promotion Pros step in. With our customizable miscellaneous accessories for vehicles, your customers can take a piece of your business wherever they go. Our expanding auto organizers are great freebies for customers to keep their automobile tidy. 


Promotional Beagle Two-Way Tracker

From $18.13
Min Qty: 25
The Beagle Two-Way Tracker features Bluetooth technology to connect to devices and comes with customization ability for Brand Recognition.

Ultimate Utility Tote

From $7.70
Min Qty: 20
This ultimate utility tote bag has a large main compartment with a sturdy wire rim and makes a great promotional giveaway.

Auto Phone Mount

From $2.51
Min Qty: 100
Our Auto Phone Mount easily attaches to auto air vent for secure placing of phone. It adheres quickly to the back of the phone with strong adhesive and fits almost all straight auto air vents.

Bright Illuminated Logo Keylight

From $1.19
Min Qty: 150
The Bright Illuminated Logo Keylight has exciting light-up imprint area with a push of a button. Your logo will glow in all situations, especially at night out on the town! Promote your company, reaching anyone who sees it. Choose a color combination that best compliments your logo or event.

Fully Custom Bike Flag

From $29.30
Min Qty: 1
The Bike Flag features full color custom printing ability and allows creating impressive Promotional Logo’d Products.

Pre-Threaded Sewing Kit

From $0.86
Min Qty: 300
Get your own quality Pre-Threaded Sewing Kit and make your Tailoring needs simpler. This useful Pre threaded Sewing kits are the perfect give away as souvenirs.

Magnetic Bottle Opener

From $16.04
Min Qty: 12
The Magnetic Bottle Opener features strong magnet that holds firmly without scratching the surface and allows adding your corporate logo to promote your brand.

Magnetic Cup Caddy

From $3.93
Min Qty: 48
The Magnetic Cup Caddy features powerful magnet that can hold on to any metallic surface and allows adding brand logo for creating Printed Gifts.

Magnetic Parts Tray Large

From $5.57
Min Qty: 36
Our Magnetic Parts Tray Large features powerful ceramic magnets to hold on to any metal toolbox and makes the perfect choice for Corporate Giveaways.

Magnetic Parts Tray Small

From $3.71
Min Qty: 36
Our Magnetic Parts Tray Small features firm hold to metal toolbox for easy access of small metal items and creates impressive Giveaways with your logo.

Promotional Auto Air Vent Magnetic Phone Wallet

From $3.26
Min Qty: 100
Our Auto Air Vent Magnetic Phone Wallet features easy mounting to hold phone and creates exciting Custom Logo Products with brand details.
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