It’s Never Too Soon To Be A Loyal Customer: How Logos Inspire Brand Recognition At An Early Age

Most parents have learned, often to their dismay, that children quickly learn to recognize the logos of their favorite fast food restaurants, toy stores, snacks and beverages. Example: You’re driving along and suddenly hear an excited squeal from the backseat as your youngster recognizes those famous golden arches, demanding you stop for some fries or nuggets!


Long before children learn to read, they learn to recognize familiar logos. This information is easily remembered and recalled and associations are made quickly. If a child has a positive experience he will file this information away and when presented with the logo again will automatically equate that logo with happiness, comfort, satisfaction, etc.

With this in mind, it’s truly never too early to help your littlest audience make positive associations with your logo. He or she may very well be future customers. It’s fairly common for children to grow up and patronize the same businesses their parents did. This isn’t just out of loyalty to their parent’s preferences. This is very much about their own personal associations with the business as children. Did they feel welcome? Did they have fun? These early experiences stay with a person, and influence future choices. You can help things along by keeping these little people in mind when choosing promotional products and giveaways.

Help make positive memories associated with your business logo. Here are some ideas:

Stuffed toys are associated with safety, security, warmth and friendship. These adorable plush toys are cuddly and soft and feature your logo. Perfect giveaway!

Help teach youngsters how to manage their money with these custom logo piggy banks.

Totes and bags make great promo giveaways, they are useful, fun and feature your logo.

So, when you are planning your next promo event, don’t forget the kids. Parents will appreciate it, too. If you are looking for great promo items, or need ideas for your next giveaway contact Promotion Pros to learn more about how promotional products can help build loyalty and recognition for your business.

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