Help Your clients and Your Employees Improve Their Health

Whether it’s a company gift to employees, or a promotional product that takes advantage of the exercise and fitness boom we’re seeing today, fruit infuser water bottles are a giveaway that’s are a hit with pretty much everyone.  From office workers, to sales people on the road, to licensed professionals, everyone is carrying their water with them. These infuser bottles allow them to take their water, and add a healthy boost of vitamins and flavor by adding fresh fruit or vegetables. Some common combinations include:

At a recent tradeshow, the booth with the water infusers was the booth with the waiting line before the event even opened! Postcards featuring the bottles were sent ahead of time, a great example of taking advantage of a trend, and guaranteeing people will stop by your booth.

You may think, “a water bottle’s a water bottle”, but with something as unique as this, people consider it their “go-to” bottle. Our Pure Flavour 2 Go product withstands sub-zero temps, so it’s a great solution for people during the summer. Fill the bottle and freeze for a chilly way to stay hydrated and refreshed throughout the day. The bottle also withstands boiling temperatures, so works as a tea infuser, too. Drop an herbal or green tea bag into the infuser with the fruit, then pour hot water into the bottle to get flavorful hot tea, or chill for a great iced fruit tea treat.

When you’re looking for unique promotional products, and want to take advantage of the current trends, Promotion Pros have many ideas that will connect with your clients. Looking for something special? Give us a call, for assistance in picking the perfect promotional products for your business today.

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