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Everyone loves a good pair of headphones. Our affordable earbuds are convenient, fun and will create long-term visibility for your brand. Why not pass some to your customers and employees? Our headphones and earbuds for business are the perfect way to go. Retractable earbuds with company logos not only make you look generous, they keep your name on people's minds for as long as they're using them.


2-in1 Merge Wireless Earbus and Power Bank

From $43.47
Min Qty: 25
Make some noise in your industry with these wireless earbuds as your next big promotion. Simply pair your handheld device to enjoy dynamic stereo sound.

3-In-1 Desk Cube

From $1.52
Min Qty: 100
The 3-in-1 Desk Cube is attractive and useful. It includes a microfiber cleaning cloth, a built-in phone stand and a pair of matching ear buds.

Allegro Headphones

From $12.26
Min Qty: 24
The Allegro Headphones features padded headband and ear cups and allows inserting brand logo and message to create perfect Business Giveaways.

Angle 3 Watt Bluetooth Speaker

From $15.08
Min Qty: 24
Our Angle 3 Watt Bluetooth Speaker features integrated suction cups to grip small electronic devices and makes interesting Personalized Giveaways with your logo.

Boompods Airpod Headphones

From $27.26
Min Qty: 6
The Boompods Airpod Headphones feature a microphone to ensure crystal clear conversations.

Boompods Bluetooth Sportpods Vision Headphones

From $76.35
Min Qty: 6
Our Boompods Bluetooth Sportpods Vision Headphones features an illuminating headband with different light modes.

Boompods Headphones

From $35.26
Min Qty: 12

Boompods Sportpod Headphone

From $36.35
Min Qty: 6
Our Boompods Sportpod Headphones feature sweat-proof material and angled ear buds.

BoomPods™ Sportpods Race

From $36.35
Min Qty: 8
The BoomPods™ Sportpods Race features micro/USB cable for recharging and allows inserting company logo and message to create amazing Personalized Giveaways.

Charge Anywhere Set and Retractable Earbuds

From $17.35
Min Qty: 15
With the Charge Anywhere Set & Retractable Earbuds you will never have to worry about losing charge in mobile phones or deal with tangled headphones ever again. Add your brand logo to the charger - ear bud set to increase your business visibility.

Custom Printed Heavy Metal Retractable Earbuds

From $3.17
Min Qty: 150
The Heavy Metal Retractable Earbuds features long retractable cords and facilitates Brand Recognition with custom imprint.

Customizable Super Pump Wireless Earbuds

From $14.77
Min Qty: 50
The Super Pump Wireless Earbuds features volume control and selection buttons, Customizable with your brand details to create impressive Business Giveaways.
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