Make Your Marketing Campaign Fun and Useful with a Custom Magic Board

Kids and adults alike have been fascinated by the magic board for years. With the swipe of a button, everything on the board disappears like magic. Capture all the magic of this fun product by using it as one of your promotional products to market your business.


Something Fun for Everyone

One of the exciting reasons the magic board makes such a great promotional product is it’s appeal to people of all ages. Kids will love playing with the board, enjoying the chance to magically make drawings and writing disappear. Adults will also love having a board that easily erases without the mess that comes with many dry erase boards. Reach people of all ages with this fun product.


A Useful Tool

Not only is the magic board fun, it’s a practical, useful tool as well. It’s great for corporate clients, since it helps replace sticky notes and paper notes, making it an environmentally friendly choice. Since it comes with magnetic backing, the board can be place on a fridge, desk, or other object so it can be accessed easily. The attachable pen ensures that the pen doesn’t get lost in the shuffle, and it’s big enough to write down multiple notes, whether it’s a to-do list or notes for an office presentation.


Add a Logo and Marketing Message

Of course, the magic board isn’t just about the novelty of magically erasing your words – it’s an important marketing tool. There’s plenty of room on the board to add your logo and a marketing message if you desire. A short message and logo ensure that people remember your business each time they use their magic board.


If you choose the same old promotional products for your marketing campaign, you’re sure to get lost in the crowd. Use the novelty of the magic board to market your business in a fun way that won’t be magically erased from the minds of your customers. Start your marketing campaign today with the magic board or another exciting novelty promotional product.  

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