Great Back to School Promotional Products for Kids, Parents, and Teachers


Back to school season is nearly here, and parents, teachers, and students are all getting ready for a new school year. Choosing seasonal, unique promotional products is a great way to ensure you’re giving out items potential customers will use. Promote school spirit and make sure teachers, parents, and kids remember your business with these great back to school promotional products.


Classic #2 Pencils

Teachers, students, and parents will all appreciate pencils as promotional products, since kids end up using plenty of pencils throughout the school year. Since these pencils are #2 pencils, they’ll be acceptable in most classrooms. Choose fun colors and add your business name and you have a fabulous promo product that will stand out during back to school season.


Tote Bags for Teachers

Teachers end up carrying books and supplies from home to the classroom, and a nice tote bag is the perfect way to keep all their items together for easy carrying. Reach out to teachers during back to school season with attractive tote bags, which are available in many sizes and colors. Add your logo and business name and the tote bags make a great promotional tool for your business.


Stadium Cushions for Parents

Once school starts again, kids will be playing sports and parents will be warming the seats in the bleachers. Those bleachers can get uncomfortable for parents who head to every game, and stadium cushions make things a bit more comfortable. Hand out stadium cushions to parents and you’re sure to have their attention. You can be sure these items will be used repeatedly, so not only will parents be reminded of your business, others will see your business advertised as well. The great thing about these cushions is that they fold up, and their lightweight, portable design makes it easy for parents to take them to every school event.


Other great back to school promotional products include notebooks and lanyards, which students will definitely find useful. Don’t let back to season go by without taking advantage of it to promote your business. Get in on the action and find the perfect unique promotional products to advertise your company today.

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