Giveaway Ideas for Your Halloween Event

Halloween is right around the corner. Before you know it, you will have to start planning some Halloween events. Whether you are planning a school event, a fall fundraiser, or are simply looking to create a great booth at a fall festival, you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. When you are planning your next Halloween event, consider using these ideas for your giveaways:

Halloween Bags.

If you are thinking about giving away candy, pamphlets, or other things at your next Halloween event, you should consider getting Halloween bags to put it all in. Not only will the bag be themed to the event but you can also put your business or organization information on the bag for some extra PR. Some children in the neighborhood may even use them for trick-or-treating and show off your information even more. There are many bags that you can choose from including a basic white Halloween bag to something that is more reflective and provides an extra level of safety for children.



Anything Light Up.

Handing out light up promotional products will not only provide a cool look for your brand, but it will keep those out at night safe.  Something like an LED Flat flashlight that can easily fit into the purse or candy bag when walking around on all Hallows Eve.






Light up rings.

Examples of this could be something that would flash while they are walking around collecting candy.  Maybe an LED Light Up Ring?  These novelty items will be worn by adults and children and flaunted while lighting up your brand.






As you can see, there are a lot of great ideas that you can use for your next Halloween event. Whether you have one event coming up or you have several, your giveaways will allow you to get your information out more to the public while still helping the community celebrate Halloween. Put some of these ideas together to make it work best for you. The options are endless and you can find some great success with them. For more information and ideas on what you can do for your next Halloween event or otherwise, be sure to check out Promotion Pros. You are sure to find exactly what you need at an affordable cost.

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