Get Your Foot in the Door With Promotional Products

Making a connection with a fun, and useful promotional product highlights your brand before a prospect even meets you. Studies show they increase response rate and brand awareness, and improve top-of-mind awareness. and brand recall, too.

Softening Up the Tough Part of Sales

The toughest part of sales is developing a pipeline. But with useful and memorable promotional products, a cold lead can become a consultative sales call, and a warm prospect. According to a study by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), with the target audience  of 18 - 34 year olds,  >80% of businesses felt that promotional products were somewhat effective to very effective. That's the hot demographic these days, and connecting could be as simple as choosing the right item to spread the word about your company and brand.

Good Promotional Products - A Good Reason to Remember Your Company

People like gifts. They remember them, talk about them, and most importantly, share them. If they could be doing that with something that promotes your business, wouldn't that be a good thing? With useful items like a lip balm, or umbrella featuring your company's logo, a cold lead becomes a warm prospect in no time. Consider a dimensional as part of your next direct mail solicitation, or as a precursor to a day of sales calls. Then when you reach out, your contact already knows you and you'll have a conversation starter ready to go. According to a study by Baylor University, this can result in a 75% uptick in responses. Good news, right?

Make Your Promotional Items Useful

Select promotional items that are useful and appropriate to the target audience. Drinkware is carried to and from work, school,  and summer outings. This provides increased impressions for your brand. Apparel is another popular choice used over and over to reinforce your brand.

Wondering which product is the right one to promote your business? Call us or visit our website to chat with an associate. We'll work with you to find the promotional product to take those cold calls to warm leads in no time.

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