Take Your Company Picnic to the Next Level with Promotional Materials

Tips for Throwing a Company Picnic

Want to make sure your company picnic is a memorable experience? Here are a few tips to keep in mind.


  • Plan Activities for Your Audience – Think about who’s coming to the party. The ages of your guests. Choose fun activities that will fit the audience at your party.


  • Have a Theme – A good theme for your party adds a fun element and changes up the atmosphere.


  • Offer Some Shade – Fun in the sun is great, but too much sun can be a problem. Ensure your venue has some shade so guests can get out of the sun.


  • Make the Menu Fun – Sure picnic staples are always great, but consider trying a few things that are a bit different to take your picnic to the next level.

Investing your employees with a great company picnic may seem like a waste of money, but it actually will pay off. A good company picnic can show your employees that you support their families, it helps break down walls between departments, it inspires gratitude from employees, and it shows that you’re committed and devoted to your employees. Of course, you don’t want your party to be a flop, so here are some helpful tips and ideas to remember for an exciting event.

Promotional Products for a Company Picnic

Swag bags, game prizes, and special giveaways are perfect for your company picnic and you’ll want to make sure you have some great promotional products on hand. Handing out low-cost, branded items to each guest thanks them for coming and you can go with more expensive promotional products for prizes and giveaways. Some great ideas that your employees are sure to appreciate include:


  • Tumblers – When it’s hot outdoors, having a reusable tumbler is perfect, and double wall tumblers make perfect items to add to swag bags at your picnic.


  • Kan Koozie WITH a bottle opener – Keeping with your picnic theme, branded can coozie with a bottle openers also make a great promo product that are reasonably priced enough to give out to everyone.


  • Folding Chair – If you want a more expensive giveaway or prize item, folding outdoor chairs that come with a handy carrying bag are perfect. They’re great for camping, the beach, or picnics and you can choose from many different colors.


Make sure you have exciting promotional products for your next summer office party. Stock up before the big event and get ready to party.  

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