Fidget Spinners: The Perfect Giveaway for both Kids and Adults

Why are Fidget Spinners helpful? 

  • Reduce Stress And Boredom

  • Encourage focus, help relieve anxiety, great for Attention Disorders, and so much more

  • Fun for all ages from K-5 to retirement

  • Offer endless custom combinations with multiple colors and personalized logo


It’s almost time for school to be out for the summer. Along with summer break comes hours of fun most days but hours of boredom others. If you want to offer a promotional product that solves that boredom problem and practically every kid on the planet knows about and can’t get enough of, consider the Fidget Spinner.

These simple yet addictive little gadgets have it all for a promotion. Since 17-year-olds Allan Maman and Cooper Weiss first started churning out their invention on their high school’s 3D printer less than a year ago, Fidget Spinners have become a multi-national phenomenon that both kids and adults are clamoring for.

The simplicity of a Fidget Spinner is what makes it a perfect promotional product to demonstrate and offer. Just hold the middle section of the spinner between your thumb and middle finger, and spin away. Kids love them and adults find quickly find them mesmerizing.

For some people, spinner toys can help them concentrate or relieve anxiety.  Parents who have kids with special needs will thank you. Miriam Gwynne, a blogger who write for AutismAwareness.com says her autistic daughter loves her Fidget Spinners because all her classmates think they're cool and they help her cope.

"For her, the fidget spinner is not a must-have craze to be like her friends, but more a stress release from the demands placed upon her during her school day — much the same as she uses a stress ball or her twist-and-lock blocks.”

But what makes this a great promotional product is that it knows no age barrier. Kids love them and adults are drawn to them as stress relievers.


These gadgets are toys that should be called tools according to Claire Heffron, a pediatric occupational therapist in Cleveland. "These little gadgets should be called fidget tools, not toys, and they can be part of a successful strategy for managing fidgety behavior if they are introduced as a normal part of the classroom culture.”

But don’t tell kids young or old they aren’t toys! Just offer them one at your next promotion and they will thank you.

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