Metal Pens

Looking for some sweet handouts for your next corporate event, giveaway basket or your employees' personal use? Metal pens, baby. Our promotional metal pens are beautiful, useful, well-made and affordable. All you need to do is choose which one fits your own personal style.

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Arken Retractable Metal Pen

From $0.97
Min Qty: 100
This Arken retractable metal pen is a click action metal pen with colored barrel and metal clip.

Axonite Stylus Pull Cap Ballpoint Pen

From $2.26
Min Qty: 100
Our Axonite Stylus features modern bullet shaped executive design and allows adding brand logo for perfect Personalized Swag

Bala Click Metallic Stylus Ballpoint Pen

From $2.18
Min Qty: 100
Our Bala Stylus Pen features wide body shape with unique mid-barrel retraction and allows adding logo and message to Promote your Brand.

Barton Retractable Pen

From $0.80
Min Qty: 100
Our Barton pen features unique clip action mechanism and creates the perfect choice for Company logo products.

Carmelo Ballpoint Pen

From $1.14
Min Qty: 100
Our Carmelo Pen features strong twist action and classic metal executive design to offer a nice choice for Promotional giveaways with your Logo.

Carrita Retractable Metal Pen

From $1.20
Min Qty: 100
The Carrita retractable ballpoint pen features a sleek classic design and smooth rubber grip for writing ease.

Cheriton Retractable Pen

From $0.91
Min Qty: 100
Our Cheriton pen features metal body with high gloss finish and makes the perfect choice for Business Giveaways with your brand logo.

Cloter Metal & Stylus Pen

From $1.06
Min Qty: 150
Our Cloter metal and stylus pen features a colorful metallic barrel with metal clip and uses a twist action mechanism.

Collins LED Stylus

From $2.06
Min Qty: 100
The Collins LED Stylus features bright LED light and stylus and creates impressive Business Giveaways with your corporate logo.

Commonwealth Retractable Ballpoint Pen

From $2.72
Min Qty: 50
The Commonwealth ballpoint pen feature a spacious area for logo printing and an oversized comfort grip for the ultimate writing experience.

Crown Collection 05 Metal Pen

From $5.91
Min Qty: 50
The Crown Collection 05 metal pen features a carbon fiber wrapped barrel with chrome accents and a twist action mechanism.

Crown Collection 05R Metal Pen Set

From $8.69
Min Qty: 25
The Crown Collection 05r metal pen set features a rollerball and ballpoint pen with a rose gold colored carbon fiber look.