Curious About the Different Decorating Techniques?

When you’re searching for quality promotional items to represent your brand, you’ll find that there are specific printing techniques used for company logos and messages. You’ll often have various decorating options to choose from, whether you want apparel, awards, writing utensils or any other promo product. Keep reading for a brief breakdown of each printing and decorating technique.


Screen Print

Screen printing – often used on T-shirts and other apparel – is a method of pressing ink or another medium through a mesh screen, creating a printed image. This method of printing requires a relatively flat surface and can be used on bags, drinking cups, lunch bags and more.





Pad Print

Pad printing is a process where an image is transferred from a photo etched plate to a silicone pad, that then transfers ink to the promotional object. One color is printed at a time. The pad can wrap 180 degrees around an object, making it ideal for piggy banks, flashlights, kitchen utensils and other various shaped objects.






Four Color Process Print

Four color process printing is a method where a color image is separated into 4 colors – cyan, magenta, yellow and black. This method reproduces the image on a specialty film that is then permanently bonded to nearly any product. This particular printing process is recommended for electronic device covers, can coolers or any company logo with intricate details.








Transfer Print

With transfer printing, an image is printed onto special paper that is then transferred to a product using a heat press. The print is reproduced on the surface layer of the promotional product. This method is ideal for tote bags, and allows quick printing of full-color images. 







Embroidery is a method of decorating using a needle and thread. A logo design or image is converted into a digital format that an embroidery machine can read. The machine then embroiders the image onto the product. This high quality method of decorating allows for sturdy and long-lasting brand recognition on multiple items including blankets, polo shirts, jackets and more.







The process of debossing creates an indentation of a logo or image in a product. The design is pressed into the promotional product, creating a permanent stamp. This is ideal for executive level gifts such as tumbler sleeves, leather coasters and more.

Embossing creates a raised design on a product by pressing the image or logo from underneath. The raised logo can be left as is or can have ink applied. This process is used for shirts, office supplies and more.




Laser Engraved

The process of laser engraving uses light to burn an image onto an object. The imprint color may vary depending on the material, and laser engraving can be used on various material including plastics, metals, woods, glass and more. This method is often used when printing on clocks, professional pens and other promo products









Foil Stamped

Foil stamping is a printing process where heat, pressure, and a metallic paper (foil) are used to create different designs and graphics on various materials. Metal dies are heated and then stamped with pressure so that a thin layer of foil is sealed to the product. Each color is applied separately to create the final design and it’s often used on paper bags and other paper products.




No matter what product and print style you choose, Promotion Pros has you covered. We have thousands of promotional products available in every color imaginable, and we’ll add the perfect finishing touch with our professional decorating and printing techniques.

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