BPA-Free Water Bottles: The New Industry Standard For Promotional Products

When it comes to water bottles, they're a lot more than just a promotional tool. They're the key to staying hydrated, especially for people who are too busy to remember to sit down and drink a glass or two every few hours. With so many people embracing their custom sports bottles as constant companions from the moment they wake up, it's no wonder that they're also starting to wonder how safe those plastic bottles really are.


What's Wrong With BPA? 

BPA is the acronym for bisphenol A, and it was first used in the plastic manufacturing industry in the 1960s. It's a key component in plastics that are shatter-proof and durable, so it's not surprising that it was commonly found in almost all water bottles until recently. It's also used to line food cans to prevent acidic ingredients from damaging the metal of the can.

BPA is known to leach out of plastics and into food and water as the plastic ages, is exposed to heat, or is washed with solvents and abrasives. Even a household scrub sponge can be abrasive enough to start the leakage of the chemical into the water you store in your bottle. When consumed, it acts like the hormone estrogen. Too much estrogen causes serious health problems for people of all ages and sexes, and these problems include:

  • Higher blood pressure in adults
  • Developmental problems in growing fetuses
  • Learning and growth issues in babies and children.


Why Did The Entire Industry Change?

The promotional products industry moved quickly to only offer plastic bottles BPA free as soon as the media outlets started covering the dangers of the chemical. Every company knew that consumers wouldn't want to use BPA products anymore once hearing about the risks, and that meant that companies ordering promotional bottles needed to change what they were offering. A free water bottle is only a good form of advertising if the recipient feels safe using it. On top of this, plastic suppliers also changed their formulas rapidly to accommodate the desire to avoid BPA, so it was relatively easy for the entire promotional products industry to make the switch without raising prices.

Interested in promoting your company while helping people stay hydrated without the dangers of BPA? Check out our wide selection of BPA free plastic bottles, or consider metal water bottles if you want to avoid plastic altogether.

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