Be Ready for Emergencies on the Road This Winter

As the weather turns cold, many road trips entail dashing through the snow (or freezing rain), and the chance of getting stuck out there. In winter, people appreciate promotional products that offer warmth and safety when they need it most. Products that are part of a “winter emergency kit” are a great way to make a company memorable. With just a few basic items, an otherwise scary event can become a chance to show someone you care.

Be Prepared!

Whether its a flat tire, a slippery road and a snow bank, or just a bunch of kids piled into the back seat for an afternoon of tubing, they’ll all appreciate being warm and comfortable. Why not consider the following promotional products, certain to be used over and over in the coming year.

  • Flashlight – Whether to find something a child dropped under the seat, or to read directions to the big holiday party, this is the #1 item in any car emergency kit.
  • Warm Blanket – Especially when its machine washable fleece. Great for warming up after skating or skiing, or to protect the seat from the family dog.  Just make sure it doesn’t wander into the house as the favorite snuggly blanket!
  • Cell Phone Charger – The newest member of the emergency kit. Mobile is what’s trending these days, and when you’re trying to call for a tow or need to let someone know you’re delayed, don’t you hate it when your charge is running down? Having a fully charged power bank on hand can save the day (or night). Simply keep one plugged into your car/truck USB for a quick charge when you need it the most.
  • Ice Scraper – Everyone thinks they have one, but an extra in the trunk is always a good idea. Way better than a credit card or a soda can when you realize someone “borrowed” yours!

Looking for unique promotional products that make your company memorable? Consider your customer’s needs when emergencies happen.  We’ve got blankets, flashlights and all the rest. Call ustoday and let us help you make the perfect selection for your customers.

Product Spotlight: 5 Keychains That Make the Perfect Promo Giveaway

When you are looking for just the right promotional product for your giveaway you might find yourself overwhelmed with options — there are so many products to choose from! Promotional products have come a long way, and your business has more options than ever before. With that said, sometimes the best choices is something simple.

A keychain is a small item, but it is something that gets used and seen every single day. It is useful, and keychains that perform more than one function are even more useful.

Keychains make an excellent marketing tool. They are something you can keep on hand and are appropriate in a variety of situations. They don’t take up a ton of room, so they can be purchased in bulk. They are evergreen products that aren’t seasonal and don’t go out of style. Because of their portability, they can go on the road. Make sure sales reps have some in the car. Take them to trade shows and keep them on location. Pens and pencils get left at work, keychains go everywhere you go. Here are 5 keychains that make perfect promo gifts.

1. The Carabiner Keychain

There is something about the simple, useful carabiner keychain that people love. And, there are variations of this keychain that make it even more attractive, such as the hand sanitizer carabiner keychain and the bottle holder carabiner keychain. This is a product you can’t go wrong with.

2. The Lighted Keychain

Always handy, the lighted keychain comes in a variety of styles that can be fun, utilitarian or just plain cool. The micro aluminum LED light can help you find that item you dropped in your car or help you unlock your door at night. These are always appreciated and used.

3. The Leather Keytag

Looking for something a bit more refined or suitable for gift-giving? A leather keytag gift set can show a client, associate or employee that you are thinking of them and value their business or service.

4. The Bottle Opener Keychain

Great for any business, the bottle opener keychain is useful and looks great with your logo. There are tons of styles and they are a perfect giveaway for a summertime outdoor event.

5. Shaped Keytags

There are so many fun varieties of keytags, no matter what your business you are sure to find one that suits your company culture and personality. From hard hat LED keytags to tape measure keytags,these are a great way to remind your customer what you do!

When you are choosing your promotional products be sure to always keep your ideal customer in mind. That should always drive your decisions when it comes to giveaways and marketing strategies. What do they need, what do they do and what kind of problems do they need solved? What are their hobbies and interests? If you can answer these questions and choose accordingly, your marketing efforts will yield great results! If you have any questions about promotional giveaways or need suggestions, the knowledgeable staff at Promotion Pros can help, contact us today!

Unique Pens – the Perfect Gift for Young Clients Year-Round

custom pensMany businesses have clients under the age of 18. Dentists, pediatricians, chiropractors, the list goes on an on. Frequently these businesses offer their young clients a small token gift; a lollipop, a trinket, or an item better suited to adult clients. Don’t lose your opportunity by giving generic gifts. Consider the power of the pen! As a thank-you, as a symbol of congratulations, as an opportunity for future business.

Children Love a Funny Pen – Make It Yours

The token gifts given by many health and child care providers are usually not branded, and in fact, usually end up on the floor of the car, or thrown in the trash shortly after they’re brought home. Today’s children are savvy consumers, and appreciate a gift that connects with their life, their style, and their needs. Unique promotional pens can be the perfect reward. They’re also an item that will be used far beyond a single visit. Pens are used in school, and at home. Rest assured, a pen that stands out from the crowd can be a conversation starter that turns into referral business for you. Our Novelty Pens, especially our stethoscope stylus pens, acknowledge both your business, and the child’s appreciation of humor. Stylus pens connect with today’s tech savvy kids, and are perfect for use on smart phones, tablets, and most mobile devices. It’ll soon become a coveted item, and you’ll no doubt have clients asking for them. What a great way to spread the word about your business.

Seasonal Giveaways Aren’t Just for the Winter Holidays

Don’t give promotional products year-round? Consider a special time to acknowledge your younger clients. Back-to-school, graduation, rewards for good report cards, or simply a gift to recognize successful completion of a treatment. Children love to celebrate success. If you’re a part of their journey, why not help them recognize that success with a promotional gift that isn’t just about your business, but also shows that you “get them”. Looking for a unique promotional product that represents your company for younger clients? Give us a call. We’ll help you find the perfect item for your specific needs.

Corporate Gift Giving – Select a Gift That Makes them Remember You

corporate gift givingThis time of year brings out the gift-giving bug in all of us. Gifts for loved ones are simple to select. But corporate gift-giving can be tough. Whether for employees, vendors, or clients, a bad choice can spell disaster. Following are some tips to help.

Don’t Get Too Personal

Perfume, jewelry and most clothing is too personal for a corporate gift. Then again, if clients or vendors do their work outdoors, a nice fleece vest, or scarf and gloves, featuring your company’s logo are perfect. It shows you understand what they do, and care about them beyond the sale or transaction. The vest or hat with your logo may even become the “it” gift each year. In some offices, staff watch to see which department or sales rep receives the most gifts. Make your gift one that fills a work-related need, and remind them throughout the year of their relationship with you.

Give More Than Food, Flowers or Flash

Spending too much on a business gift can cause problems for your budget, and a policy buster for some employees. The good news is, you don’t have to spend a lot to give a corporate gift with value. Useful items  are appreciated and will stay on the desk, in the car, and used long after the expiration date on that box of chocolates or basket of fruit. After all, that’s the point, isn’t it? To give thanks and recognition to the individuals who contribute to your company’s success, so you’ll be top of mind next time they look for your services, or consider you as a client. Mobile technology is hot this year, so consider the following suggestions when it comes to gifts for employees, office staff, sales teams, or larger groups:

Selecting a customized corporate gift makes sense for your budget, and for your business, and when it’s the right gift, the recipient will remember you.

Not sure which gift is right for you? Looking for something unique? Give us a call, we’re here to help.

Everyone Is Eating Healthy These Days – Help Your Customers Brown Bag It With Style

custom neoprene bagA Plan to Eat Healthy

With winter setting in, eating healthy is on everyone’s mind. When considering promotional products for a trade show or team gift, we also look for unique promotional products that people want. How do we tie the two together? Lifestyle trends.

Meal Prepping has become very popular, and the Neoprene Klutch from Promotion Pros is right in step with that trend. Your company’s or team’s logo featured prominently makes it the perfect lunch bag. Everyone will want to know where they got it, and it shows you understand and support the goal of saving money and healthy eating. Delicious meals are prepared with health in mind, and tucked safely away in a waterproof zippered lunch bag courtesy of you!

Let’s be honest, grabbing a quick lunch out provides a break. Unfortunately, it also hits us in the wallet AND brings regret when trying to stick to a diet. Bringing a brown bag from home sounds boring. OurNeoprene Klutch makes bringing lunch from home fun.

Perfect for Kids, Too!

Whether its the soccer team, school band, a charter school gift, or college students rushing to class, healthy lunches and snacks save money, and students love having a colorful, roomy lunch bag to carry it all safely, especially if it features a favorite team or school logo.

Regardless of whether the recipient is into meal prepping or just eating healthy, having a stylish, fun way to carry their lunch will make the Neoprene Klutch a hot item. With a wide variety of fun colors to lift the spirit, they’re guaranteed lunch won’t get lost in the office fridge, and everyone will know where that lunch came from. With a screen-printed logo, it’ll be both a promotional item and part of the family routine. The 6-pack size allows plenty of room for food containers, fresh fruit and a favorite beverage.

Don’t spend money on boring promotional products that get left behind. Choose the Neoprene Klutchfor your next event. It’s sure to be the giveaway everyone seeks, and everyone takes home!

Get Them To Remember You: Appeal To All 5 Senses

Everyone experiences the world through their five senses. Think about how strongly memory is tied to smell. This is an example of the power of the senses.

For some people, they must hear something in order to retain it. Others are more visual, they rely on their eyes to help them interpret and store information. Most people, though, use a combination of all of their senses. They hear, see, smell, touch and taste the world around them. When they have an experience that appeals to all of their senses, not just one or two, they are more likely to cement that experience into their memory.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at your marketing strategy.

Keeping your business top of mind with customers takes more than a few second ad or an email. These things may get a potential customers attention, but keeping it is a whole different story.

This is why in-person events such as trade shows, open houses and other events are so important, and why it is important to make the most of them. In-person events are your opportunity to really make connections with your customers and potential customers. This is where you can engage their sense of sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch to make a wonderful and lasting first impression.

Eye contact and a handshake, music and conversation, barbecued hot dogs and laughter. These are ways you can create an experience for your customer that will resonate with them. Get your product into their hands so they can feel it and see how it works.

To keep your business on their mind long after your event has passed, promotional giveaways are the answer. People keep promotional products for an average of seven months. When you give your customers something that they can physically take with them from your event, you are creating additional opportunities for your customers to engage with you. You may give tasty chocolates as a quick treat, or a coffee mug, because coffee smells good and everyone loves a coffee mug! No matter what your promotional giveaway is, it should be attractive and useful. When they see your logo, they will remember the sites, sounds and smells associated with a positive experience. This is a connection, and connections lead to increased business for you, and greater customer satisfaction for them.

For more information on promotional items and ideas for promotional giveaways, contact Promotion Pros today.

9 Mind-Blowing Promo Facts & Tips To Make The Most Of Them

custom tote bagTight budgets demand that your marketing and advertising dollars go as far as possible. How can you make this happen? How can you insure that your business gets in front of the people that matter, and how do you develop a relationship with them in the process? The answer, of course, is promotional products! Let’s take a look at some facts that might just blow your mind:

1.  A whopping 84% of people who receive promotional products can identify the supplier. Can they remember the last flyer they received in the mail?

2. 62% of people who receive promo products do business with the supplier after getting the promo item.

3. People keep promo items an average of 6 months.

4. 91% of consumers have at least one promo item in their kitchen alone. Think coffee mugs, cutting boards and chip clips.

5. 74% of consumers have at least one promo item in their workspace. Think pens, notepads,paperweights.

6. Six out of 10 people will keep promo products for up to two years!

7. Over 30% of people own at least one promotional bag.

8. More than half the time, promo item giveaways create a favorable impression.

9. Typical cost per impression of a promo item is $0.004. That is far less than for newspaper and other print ads.

So, how do you use this information? What are the best ways to use promo products? People love promo items they can use, and everyone loves a free gift! There are so many occasions where promo giveaways are appropriate. Trade shows, open houses, grand openings, seasonal sales, holidays, any type of community event, or company party. The effectiveness of any other type of campaign is increased by the presence of a promo giveaway. For example, a seasonal event+promo giveaway, community fundraiser or charity event+promo giveaway, etc.

Bottom line, promo items give a proven return on investment, and are a good use of your marketing and advertising budget. For more information on what promotional items can do for your business,contact Promotion Pros today.

The Promo Item That Gets Exposure 365 Days Of The Year

custom calendarYou have been wracking your brain trying to determine where you should focus your promotional giveaway budget for the year. Promotional items are supposed to be, well, promotional, and you want to make sure you choose an item that is going to be seen, be used and get the exposure needed to keep your business top-of-mind all year long.

So what is the answer?

The answer is calendars. Yes, the one thing that is virtually guaranteed to get exposure for your company 365 days of the year. Think about it. Calendars are used every single day.

The average home has at least 3 calendars in it. So if you are concerned that people will already have a calendar, don’t be. People have calendars in their kitchens, bedrooms, home offices, etc.

People use calendars to keep track of appointments, holidays, to-do lists and more. Calendars are an indispensable item that anyone and everyone uses.  It makes sense that if your company logo and contact information are on the calendar, your customers will be more likely to think of you when they need products or services that you offer.

Another good thing about calendars is the sheer variety of themes. There is a calendar to suit every taste, hobby and passion. It is important when selecting promo calendars to keep your target audience in mind. What would the majority of your customers relate with or find interesting or entertaining? Err on the conservative side any time there is a question.

When planning your promo giveaway for the upcoming year, remember that calendars are something used by nearly every one, every day. For more information on promotional products contact us today.

Top 5 Ideas For Promo Gifts That Wow!

activity trackerPromotional gifts have at times had the reputation of being boring or predictable. And while most everyone will appreciate a useful gift, they won’t necessarily be brimming over with excitement for it. This year, why not stray from some of the typical promo gifts like notepads, pens and water bottles and give branded gifts that will truly surprise the receiver. Here are five ideas to get you inspired:

1.  Today it is all about wearable tech. A Bandit activity tracker will collect activity data on steps taken, calories burned and distance traveled. It can even track sleep duration and quality. The Bandit is compatible with either an Android or iOS app and makes a truly memorable gift for anyone.

2. For that extra special gift for a loyal customer or employee, the Burk’s Bay Leather Computer Backpack is definitely a “wow” gift! This bag features premium leather, padded pockets and an ergonomic padded shoulderstrap.

3. The RoxBox 7″ Mini-Twist Bluetooth speaker makes an awesome gift for listening to music anywhere, anytime. This is a great gift for the younger client or employee who loves their gadgets.

4. Festive promo gifts that are great for all-around giving don’t have to be fancy, but they can be fun and thoughtful and far from boring. This Hot Chocolate On A Spoon Gift Set is a decadent spin on a holiday staple.

5. A great stocking stuffer for anyone with a mobile phone, tablet or MP3 player is this Quad Power Pack. This is a perfect, tech-forward gift suitable for just about anyone.

This year, give gifts that will be remembered, not shoved in the back of a desk drawer or cupboard. No matter who you are giving gifts to, Promotion Pros has you covered with high-quality, stylish gifts to take you through the holidays and beyond. Contact us for more information.

5 Promo Gifts For People Who Love Gadgets

Power PackWe love our gadgets, don’t we? These days most people have their phone or tablet glued to their face a good portion of the time. It is how we listen to music, watch movies, play games, get from point A to point B without getting lost and of course, how we communicate with others. So, it makes sense that when it comes time for gift-giving, you would want to give products that are relevant and will delight the receiver. Here are five gifts that just about anyone would love to get:

1. When the weather gets rough, it isn’t time to put away your phone or tablet because you have theHurricane Weather Proof Electronics Bag. That’s right, you can use your gadget with confidence because it isn’t going to get damaged in the storm. Even if your phone is in a backpack or a purse it can still get wet, so this is a perfect gift.

2. It is frustrating to try watching a movie or reading a page when you have to keep holding your device upright. With The Wedge Mobile Device Stand, this is no longer a problem.

3. Battery dead because you left the car on to keep charging your phone? That’s a problem. But with the Lumina Jump Starter/Power Pack you will be good to go in no time!

4. Who doesn’t love a good selfie? With a Selfie-Stick you can get vacation photos without having to ask a stranger to do it for you! No more group photos with one of you missing!

5. Finally, the RoxBox Duet Bluetooth Speaker allows you to listen to your favorite tunes anywhere. This way, you don’t need headphones or to rely on your phone’s speakers. Play your music so everyone can enjoy it!

Whether you are looking for gifts for clients or employees, these gadget-friendly gifts have the ‘Wow’ factor you are looking for. People love gifts that they can use in their daily lives, that are also fun. Promotion Pros is one-stop shopping for all your promotional gift needs, contact us today!

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