Benefits Of Promotional Products With Your Marketing Tactics

Promotional products have been used by companies for years but there are still some companies that are skeptical about the benefits associated with using them. There are many different reasons that companies utilize promotional products for the growth of their business and they see many benefits through the process. If you are undecided on the subject of the use of promotional products for your marketing, then this list of benefits may help you see why they are so popular. 

They Help You Show Off Your Brand

Seeing is believing and the more you show off your brand, the more recognition your brand will get. Part of marketing is creating and maintaining your brand. With the right promotional products, the recipients will not only keep the items, but they will use them as well. It can serve as an endorsement for any individual that sees them using your product. In fact, when you look at the statistics, 90 percent of the people who get promotional products use them at least once and week and 10 percent actually give the product to a family member or friends. At the same time, 87 percent of people kept the promotional product for over a year. Using promotional products can improve the impression of the company when people get a branded item and with 56 percent of people, this is the overall consensus.

They Are Affordable, Useful, and Tangible

When you choose the right promotional items, then your recipients are more likely to use them. When you choose items that are useful and tangible, then you will see a high return on investment for the items. The right items can integrate into the lives of people and even impact their daily routines. Some of the best products can be used in the home, the work area, and the kitchen. When you find the right product, there are even better results. For example, when a product is chose that is useful and tangible, 42 prcent had a more favorable impression about the brand, 60 percent have done business with the brand, and 27 percent saw the item as a constant reminder of the brand. On top of all this, the right promotional products are very affordable and the return on investment is easy to be seen. 

They Are Cheaper Than Advertising

We have already mentioned that promotional products are affordable but they are also less expensive than advertising and they can have a better result. In advertising, many people think of radio, television, online advertising, and print media. However, none of them are as effective as promotional products and they cost the company much more. With promotional products, 20.9 percent of people made a purchase after getting the item. With other types the numbers are much lower: 4 percent making a purchase after seeing a print ad, 1 percent making a purchase after watching a TV commercial, and 6 percent making a purchase after seeing an online advertisement. 


The answer is clear when you look at the statistics: not only do promotional products provide a lot of benefits for companies, but they also have a higher success rate. Take a look at what we have to offer on our website and find the perfect promotional products to boost your marketing tactics today.

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