Beacon Promotional Calendars and Planners: Help Customers Get Organized

Finding a way to promote your business to customers and potential customers is important, and you want to do so in a way that actually gets your name in front of them regularly. Many people need help getting organized, which means that calendars make excellent promotional products. Promotional calendars and planners come in many styles and options, offering you some wonderful ways to help customers get organized while promoting your business. Here’s a closer look at a few of the great options available.


Wall Calendars

Farmers Almanac Everday Advice Stapled Calendar

Wall calendars are particularly popular because they are easy to hang up and the entire family can write appointments and events on these calendars. This is a promotional product that will get used all year long, which means customers will constantly have a reminder of your business. It’s easy to find a calendar with a theme that goes with your business, with options from scenic calendars to dining delights calendars.


Commercial Planner Wall Calendars

Commercial Wall Calendar

Another great option if you want to help customers get organized is the commercial planner wall calendar, which offers the addition ruled lines and symbols that make planning even easier for users. These calendars are great for manufacturing, construction, industrial, and education companies that want to reach out to customers in a unique way.


Mini Calendars

Mini Sticky Calendar

Although they may not offer a lot of room for planning, mini calendars offer a fun way that customers can keep track of the date and they are perfect for cars, vans, and more. Many are designed with adhesive backing so they can be easily stuck in plain sight. Available in multiple colors, they make great promotional products for auto companies, credit unions, financial companies, banks, and more.


It’s important to choose promotional products that your customers will find helpful. Make planning easier for your customers and choose calendars and planners to promote your company today.

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