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Every golfer needs bag tags. Our affordable golf bag tags are convenient, useful and will create long-term visibility for your brand. Why not pass some to your golfing customers and employees? Bag ID tags with company logos will help your clients keep track of their important golfing equipment and will keep your name on their minds! That's why you want a good promotional golf tag set that will last a long time, so your prospects, referral partners and past customers will think of you whenever they see it.


Square Golf Bag Tags

From $1.43
Min Qty: 100
The Square Golf Bag Tags features strap with channel on one side and allows adding brand logo to Promote your Brand.

Woodbury Round Golf Tag

From $4.00
Min Qty: 150
The Woodbury™ Round Golf Tag is a great give away to all your premium clients in the top management who move around with their peers and make crucial decisions while on the grass. With your company logo imprinted this sports accessory greatly enhances your branding and hence can become a very useful marketing tool.

Woodbury Golf Scorecard and Round Golf Tag Set

From $13.32
Min Qty: 50
This classic piece of highly stylized and fully featured accessory in Cocoa really defines your attitude and single mindedness on the field. The Woodbury ™ Golf Scorecard and Round Golf Tag Set creatively combines the Woodbury Round Golf Tag and the Woodbury Golf Scorecard Holder to encourage performance.
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