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Every golfer needs bag tags. Our affordable golf bag tags are convenient, useful and will create long-term visibility for your brand. Why not pass some to your golfing customers and employees? Bag ID tags with company logos will help your clients keep track of their important golfing equipment and will keep your name on their minds! That's why you want a good promotional golf tag set that will last a long time, so your prospects, referral partners and past customers will think of you whenever they see it.


Metal Bag Tag

From $4.86
Min Qty: 50
The Metal Bag Tag features durable epoxy dome and makes interesting choice for Personalized Giveaways with your brand logo.

Metal Bag Tag with Colorfill

From $13.35
Min Qty: 50
Our Metal Bag Tag with Colorfill features full grain leather strap and allows adding custom logo to create Company Logo Products.

Rectangular Bag Tags

From $1.43
Min Qty: 100
Our Rectangular Bag Tags features channel on one side and allows printing brand logo to create impressive Company Logo Products.

Round Top Golf Bag Tags

From $1.43
Min Qty: 100
The Round Top Golf Bag Tags comes with customization ability and makes perfect Company Logo Products with brand details.
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