Back Scratcher/shoe Horn

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Back Scratcher/Shoe Horn is a combination of back scratcher and shoe horn. The long shoe horn has smooth edges and convenient angle making it very easy to slip on shoes even while standing. The other end of the shoe horn is a hand shaped back scratcher. The length of the scratcher makes it very convenient to access hard to reach parts of your back. The Back Scratcher/Shoe Horn also includes chain for hanging. Imprint this with your logo and watch the smooth success of your promotional activities.
Item #: PRM00564
Features :
  • Back scratcher cum shoe horn
  • Includes chain for hanging
  • Smooth edges and convenient angle
  • Dimension: 15" W x 1-3/4" H
  • Imprint Area : 7" W x 3/4" H
Locations and Sizes :
Palm down facing left
Palm up facing left widget logo