Appeal to the Techie Crowd with Technology-Based Promotional Products

The technology world has fully arrived, and nearly everyone has become a techie. Look around and you’ll notice that most people spend a huge amount of time on some type of device, whether it’s a cellphone, a digital camera, a tablet, or other device. As you select promotional products to market your business, why not appeal to the techie crowd by handing out technology-based promotional products that are sure to be used. Here’s a look at some great technology-based promo items that customers, employees, and prospective customers are sure to enjoy.


Phone Chargers

Going without a cell phone for more than five minutes just isn’t an option for the techie crowd, so phone chargers make great promo products. Hand them out to celebrate the accomplishments of one your employees or thank loyal customers with a charger. They’re even great prizes and gifts to give away at big company promotional events. From low cost charging travel kits to high quality power banks any techie will covet, phone chargers offer an excellent way to get the word out about your business. You can be sure that people will be using these chargers again and again, keeping your business name in front of them regularly.


Selfie Sticks

Selfies are popular, especially among the younger crowd, but getting the perfect angle while showing off the background can be tough if you’re trying to hold the phone yourself. Techies are sure to love selfie sticks, which allow you to capture a great selfie with ease. Simply have your company name and logo added to the selfie stick and you ensure that this is one promo gift that goes with people everywhere.


Phone Accessories

The techie crowd loves phone accessories, from phone stands to phone cases. Phone accessories make excellent promotional gifts to give out, since you can be sure these items will get heavy use. People use their cellphones all the time, so a good phone case or stand is going to get routine use. You’ll keep your company in the forefront of your customers’ minds when you choose phone accessories to promote your business.


Make the most of technology and start reaching the techie crowd with technology-based promo items. Contact us to buy your techie-approved promotional gifts today!

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