9 Mind-Blowing Promo Facts & Tips To Make The Most Of Them

custom tote bagTight budgets demand that your marketing and advertising dollars go as far as possible. How can you make this happen? How can you insure that your business gets in front of the people that matter, and how do you develop a relationship with them in the process? The answer, of course, is promotional products! Let’s take a look at some facts that might just blow your mind:

1.  A whopping 84% of people who receive promotional products can identify the supplier. Can they remember the last flyer they received in the mail?

2. 62% of people who receive promo products do business with the supplier after getting the promo item.

3. People keep promo items an average of 6 months.

4. 91% of consumers have at least one promo item in their kitchen alone. Think coffee mugs, cutting boards and chip clips.

5. 74% of consumers have at least one promo item in their workspace. Think pens, notepads,paperweights.

6. Six out of 10 people will keep promo products for up to two years!

7. Over 30% of people own at least one promotional bag.

8. More than half the time, promo item giveaways create a favorable impression.

9. Typical cost per impression of a promo item is $0.004. That is far less than for newspaper and other print ads.

So, how do you use this information? What are the best ways to use promo products? People love promo items they can use, and everyone loves a free gift! There are so many occasions where promo giveaways are appropriate. Trade shows, open houses, grand openings, seasonal sales, holidays, any type of community event, or company party. The effectiveness of any other type of campaign is increased by the presence of a promo giveaway. For example, a seasonal event+promo giveaway, community fundraiser or charity event+promo giveaway, etc.

Bottom line, promo items give a proven return on investment, and are a good use of your marketing and advertising budget. For more information on what promotional items can do for your business,contact Promotion Pros today.

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