3 Tips for Using Promotional Products at Fundraising Events

Providing promotional products at fundraisers is a great way to get your company’s name out there. However, the tricky part is KEEPING it out there, so your efforts go beyond the fundraising event. When choosing a giveaway item it’s important to consider a few things before choosing a product.


1. Stick With the Brand


Before you settle on one of your giveaway ideas, consider your own brand and the type of fundraiser your hosting. If your brand is fun and whimsical, your promotional product should display the same vibe  Think a Mop Topper Pen. Same goes for the fundraiser. Fun and whimsical promotional products are an excellent choice for a fundraiser that either helps children or includes family-friendly events. If the event is more upscale or targeted to adults, consider a more refined product.  Maybe a leather padfoilio, or a great piece of drinkware.


2. Provide Something Useful


Think about the types of promotional products you’ve received from companies. Can you remember who gave you that nice pizza cutter? Or the event you received that awesome t-shirt that you won’t let your significant other throw away? Promotional products need to make an impact. They need to be relevant to the use, or they could end up in the trash bin.  (You know, the one that has that recycle logo?) To avoid wasting money and ensuring your promotion is effective, provide something that will be useful to the majority of people attending the fundraiser. An athletically inclined group might appreciate athletic apparel, aka athleisure, water bottles or even resistance bands, but those same products probably won’t go over as well at an art fundraiser. Target your product to your audience.


3. Use Quality Products


Regardless of which types of products you give away, make sure they are good quality. If you sacrifice quality to save money, but provide a lesser item, the recipients may assume that you cut corners with your paid products or services as well. While it’s acceptable and expected for you to stick to a company budget, ensure it is one that leaves you with options. Put more money into the product now, so you can get a higher return on your investment.

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